WOKE HOCKEY as the NHL Goes Far Left


The National Hockey League (NHL) was founded in 1917 in Montreal, Canada. It’s a league full of big men who shoot around a piece of rubber and slam each other into the boards.

Hockey’s always been a masculine sport, although it’s become popular with women in the past century.

For that reason, women’s leagues exist in various countries including Canada and the US.

However the pro leagues have now decided that this isn’t enough: instead, they’re going to wade into the whole transgender issue and get political.

Yes, the NHL is going woke. 

NHL Loses Its Mind

The NHL recently had an argument with conservative commentator Ben Shapiro. It came after they tweeted out a link about how they were having an all “Team Trans” tryout in Wisconsin.

The tryouts were only for trans and “nonbinary” players and drew around 100 people.

While virtue signaling in this way, the NHL showed that going full woke is the direction it now wants to take.

In simple terms this means men in women’s hockey and sports leagues becoming more and more involved in controversial questions around gender identity.

Of course they can say this is about “inclusion” or something like that, but what about the comfort levels and rights of women who don’t want biological men smashing them to bits on the ice?

They apparently don’t matter…

Shapiro Asks a Legitimate Question…

For his part, Shapiro asked a legitimate question of the league, before they shut down the tweet thread and made it so only their approved followers could respond.

As Shapiro said, the “woke coterie” is full of non-scientific and “idiotic” ideas like the idea that calling yourself a man or a woman is what makes you a man or woman.

Obviously we all know it’s not true, but various corporations, governments and irresponsible psychologists buy into it in order to advance their careers and centralize power.

Shapiro was just pointing out that it’s “amazing” that male-led leagues like the NHL are now falling into this stupidity.

As he said, if biological women can actually be men by saying they are and taking hormones or having surgery, then why aren’t there more of them in the NHL? In fact, why aren’t there any of them?

The Bottom Line

Even a decade ago if you’d said issues like this would be coming up, everyone would have said you were off your rocker.

There’s no reason for us even to be wading into issues like this, and the NHL has lost its mind to be starting to get so deep into stuff like this.

It’s really just so unnecessary.

The trans debate doesn’t belong in pro sports. Let’s focus on fun and athleticism, not woke virtue signaling.