Twitter Announces New Policy About Online Misinformation


Ever since his takeover of Twitter in October of this year, CEO Elon Musk has put in place some big changes.

For one thing, Musk reinstated many accounts which had been banned, including those of former President Donald Trump and controversial commentator Andrew Tate, who was recently arrested on human trafficking charges.

For another thing, he has put in place new subscription plans and changed a lot about the rules for what will get you kicked off the platform.

This includes a recent announcement that the rules around spreading wrong scientific information on Twitter have now changed.

What Are the New Rules?

The new rules say that you won’t be flagged for misinformation for questioning mainstream science. In other words, you can disagree with Dr. Fauci and not get in trouble.

As Musk said, “believing in science” doesn’t mean you can’t question or have “reasoned” doubts about what is true or factual. He’s correct in that sense. Science has never been about one conclusion being the absolute and unquestioned truth.

The Truth About Science…

In fact, the only way science has progressed and discoveries made is through questioning consensus.

As online commentator Gad Saad noted, COVID “experts” have become almost like gods during the pandemic, with many who questioned their shaky science being booted off the platform.

That is now over. You can ask questions again and not get kicked off Twitter.

Why Does This Matter?

The reason this matter is that it signals a huge shift in one of the largest social media platforms about what will or will not be allowed. As Musk said, science does not mean that you can’t question anything.

By allowing people to question, he’s opening up the platform to free speech once again.

Critics call it a dictatorial abuse of power that will mislead and endanger people by allowing false information to spread, including about the COVID vaccines and the pandemic.

Supporters say this will allow voices to be heard that otherwise might have been ignored.

As journalist David Martosko noted, this is a big step forward and should also allow more transparency and information to come to light about who’s behind certain views and scientific ideologies.

The Bottom Line

Fauci’s own wife was his ethics overseer as he made draconian laws restricting the rights of Americans and shredded our Constitution. If that doesn’t strike you as suspicious, it should.

The fact of the matter is no area in society should ever get complete power to define what is true just because they are powerful, especially when we are talking about an ongoing pandemic and experimental vaccines which were only tested for a short time.

Allowing more speech on Twitter is most certainly a good thing. Science should be believed, but in order for that to happen, people need to be allowed to ask questions.