SHOCK FUTURE: HUMANS Could Be ‘Bionic Hybrids’


Technology is moving at breakneck speed, and we’re not ready for it. Future humans are likely to be much different than anything we currently expect.

Futurists like Zoltan Istvan say that the future of the human being could be extremely unique from what we currently consider normal.

Although some of what he’s saying may sound like science fiction, we’re actually much closer to it becoming a reality than many realize.

How Will Humans Be in a Century?

According to Istvan, the work of Elon Musk and others to link humans to computers via neural link is one key to understanding the humans of the future.

In fact, we’re likely to become enhanced bionic hybrids who can control technology with our thoughts and have brain chips that let us communicate directly with our bodies and other people.

Our body parts are likely to be partly artificial and we may look more like cyborgs than flesh and blood humans.

Technology that reads brainwaves and words in our head would be able to send messages for us, communicate with apps, and send directions to personalized drones that go out and do what we want, including daily tasks.

According to Istvan, humans merging with AIs is inevitable and is a good thing, as it will make everything more convenient, efficient, and interconnected.

Is It Inevitable?

Musk and others have echoed Istvan’s words, saying combining with Artificial Intelligence (AI) is inevitably going to happen and humans will change enormously.

Istvan also predicts that gene-editing babies and artificial wombs will also become extremely common as our concept of gender, reproduction, and life itself begins to adapt and change.

Is this truly inevitable? At least for some portion of the population, the answer appears to be yes. Though the idea that everyone has to go along with this or embrace this future is clearly not true.

There is already plenty of skepticism about a high-tech transhuman future coming from all directions and people of all political beliefs.

Nonetheless, it seems likely that at least some people will decide to follow the wave of futuristic technology and more or less merge their minds and bodies with machine technology.

When Will This Happen?

According to Istvan, AI systems that are as smart or smarter than humans will become a reality in about “25 years.” It’s clear that technology is accelerating at speeds people couldn’t even have imagined 25 years ago, so that’s certainly possible.

The potential dangers of bionic cyborg humans and the questions that arise over gene editing, artificial reproduction, and more are very significant, particularly for people of faith and those who believe in a human soul.

What will happen remains to be seen, but the dangers of humans playing God can certainly be seen throughout the epochs of history.