WATCH: White House Press Secretary Goes Berserk On Black Journalist


White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre (KJP) has a difficult job.

Covering for one of the most incompetent and weak administrations in US history is no easy task.

KJP does her best, but she doesn’t always manage to keep her cool, and when it came to some recent situations she lost it and stormed out of the briefing room.

KJP Loses Her Cool

KJP has had her share of frustrations with journalists, especially Peter Doocy of Fox News.

The reason is simple: Doocy doesn’t give her a pass like other liberal journalist because he’s there to question the people in power not to try to please them and get favors from them.

For this reason, he’s had numerous times that KJP has gotten testy with him, especially when questioning her on things like the disastrous Afghanistan pullout and economic inflation.

Now the swap with Brittney Griner is making headlines and a lot of criticism is coming out against Biden for giving up top Russian war criminal and arms dealer Viktor Bout for the American basketball player.

This is made especially nasty because of the fact that US Marine Paul Whelan wasn’t released in the deal and is still languishing in Russia under Putin’s glare.

This time around it wasn’t really Doocy who annoyed KJP though, but instead it was a black journalist from Africa.

KJP Snaps At Black Journo

Simon Ateba is an accomplished journalist who works for Today News Africa. She never pays attention to him and seems to have no respect for him, but it’s not clear exactly what KJP’s issue is with Ateba.

Does he somehow annoy her or she feels he’s unworthy due to his origin from Africa? It seems she has some issue with him and he’s called her out for her discriminatory behavior.

In this case, Ateba was asking KJP why she wouldn’t answer a question about Biden taking part in the Africa summit.

She ignored him and stormed off with a pouty expression. Does Africa not matter to Biden?

Is there some reason KJP doesn’t respect this man or is it normal for her to treat journalists like dirt just because she can?

Biden came into office promising a return to so called “civility” and norms and said that there wouldn’t be any tolerance for rudeness or bad behavior.

What exactly is this consistent ignoring of an accomplished black journalist who wants answers about Biden and Africa. Is he a nobody who doesn’t count in the White House’s view?

Drawing Conclusions

KJP seems like a nice lady most of the time, but her behavior against Ateba is really distasteful. Note to KJP: if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen!