New York is one of America’s most iconic cities.

When foreigners think of this country they picture the streets of Manhattan and the Big Apple.

But now some nasty little creatures are taking so many bites out of the Big Apple that it’s become rotten and weak.

In fact, the rat infestation of various areas of New York has become so bad that the city is now paying big money to try to recruit an expert rat killer who can massacre the furry fiends.

Wanted: ‘Rodent Mitigation’ Boss

According to an ad from the city admin, they are looking for a manager of “rodent mitigation” to deal with the rat problem throughout the city.

To translate here, rodent mitigation means massacring rats. Hundreds of thousands of rats are loose throughout the city, and efforts to get rid of them so far haven’t been very successful.

Mayor Eric Adams and his admin are willing to pay decently as well, offering a salary between $120,000 to $170,000 to this individual rat assassin manager depending on experience.

The job is already being nicknamed “rat czar,” and it’s definitely going to have a lot of applications.

The job was just listed this week and is already drawing attention for its humorous language and description.

‘General Aura of Badassery’

In addition to requiring a “general aura of badassery,” the new position needs somebody who’s just fine with “wholesale slaughter.” It also calls for skills like “innovation” as well as “trash management.”

The city has been full of rats and it’s clear that the council wants to deal with them and get rid of the problem.

Former Mayor Bill de Blasio completely dropped the ball on stopping rats from taking over the cities parks, streets and public areas.

He spent tens of millions of dollars, but DeBlasio basically failed to do anything to actually kill the rats, including a bizarre project for trying to kill them with dry ice to deprive them of air in their lairs.

The new rat czar may have more success, and the ad demands somebody who is “cunning” and knows how to defeat the “legendary” NYC rats who are everywhere.

The ad says that the people need to retake control of the city and use “efficiency” to completely “exterminate” these pests.

Another quality you will need if you want to be rat czar? You need to be a little bit “bloodthirsty.”

Is it just me or is somebody having a bit too much fun with writing job listings on New York City taxpayers’ dime? It’s nice that this is funny, but it’s also worth keeping in mind that somebody with a very cushy job wrote this stuff to try to kill the rats that mainly bother poor neighborhoods they’ll never set foot in.

The Bottom Line

If New York’s skyrocketing crime isn’t enough to keep you away, the rats should do the trick.

Let’s see who gets hired as the new rat czar.