The Truth About Joe Biden’s Involvement in Hunter’s Business Deals


Just before the 2020 election, Twitter and Big Tech censored and blocked news reports about the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

This more than likely stole the election from Donald Trump.

What’s even worse is that Hunter’s whoring, drugging and deal making aren’t just his own problem, they involve his dad.

Now the truth about Joe Biden’s knowledge and involvement in Hunter’s shady foreign deals is finally being dug into, and it’s not pretty.

Biden’s Bad Apple

Every family has its struggles, and it would be depressing to think that Biden is being attacked simply for having a son with issues.

Hunter has had a lot of struggles with drug abuse, visiting many sex workers and getting involved in some shady deals.

But the difference here is that Hunter isn’t just some random guy off the street: he’s the son of the former VP and current president, and extensive evidence exists that he used his dad’s influence to score deals and influence people.

The mainstream media is finally admitting that the issues with Hunter’s laptop do exist and we know from former Biden insider Tony Bobulinski that Joe Biden was planning to pay off a 10% cut to a Chinese-linked company in a deal.

As the new Congress gets set to be sworn in, there’s an opportunity to really look into Hunter’s deals and how involved Biden was or wanted to be.

The Biggest Questions…

There are many questions about how much Biden was involved in Hunter’s business and deal making.

There are also questions about what Hunter may have promised from his dad in terms of favors and influence in return for putting through certain deals.

What we know is that the new Congress will have the power to look into this more via the Oversight Committee and try to find out exactly what was going on with Burisma in Ukraine and many other questions.

This is not a right wing conspiracy, it’s real questions about corruption and wrongdoing from the First Family.

What about dealings with high-up members of the Chinese Communist Party?

Where exactly does the corruption end and just how far does it go?

Did Hunter’s taking money from a company linked directly to a Russian oligarch and the wife of the former mayor of Moscow influence his father in any way?

Did this oligarch get power in the United States via this real estate deal or somehow influence Biden in his response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine?

These are all questions that need to be investigated more fully and the Biden crime family needs to be looked into. This isn’t about emotional wounds and family trauma, it’s about trying to find out just how bought off and compromised Biden might be due to the actions of his wayward son.

We all have a right to know.

The Bottom Line

Hunter’s a crook, and Biden increasingly appears to be one, too.