SHOCKING: Biden Calls for Congress to Block Railway Strike


On Monday, President Joe Biden urged Congress to act immediately to compel a deal devised by his administration to prevent a strike by railway workers.

Biden Betraying Democracy

His request comes as the contractual deadline of December 9 looms. This week, according to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Congress aims to interfere in the labor issue by pushing the measure.

In his remarks, Biden clearly states that he prioritizes economics, supply routes, and certainly, the holidays over employees’ desire for paid sick days.

Biden is not on the side of the employees or the labor groups, who voted against the suggested accord; rather, he is on his own side.

It’s a remarkable and amusing move for the “biggest pro-union president ever,” who has repeatedly been recognized by union bosses and himself.

Biden Hates Workers

Should this be an illegal strike, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) would resolve it, but the negotiating unit’s right to organize is completely legal and regulated, and other railway unions are expected to join in support.

There is no wrongdoing on the part of the employees or unions, as they had a say in the subject and rejected the deal. They are all operating in conformity with the rules of the game (laws and regulations) and the work doctrine of the past century or so.

In short, we anticipated that they would go on protest, they have justification and legal standing, and they would likely receive sick leave as well.

For the authorities (particularly Congress) to force a private agreement is very abnormal. Under the Rail Labor Agreement (RLA), judges have the authority to halt a protest under certain conditions.

Rather, the executive branch and the Democratic leadership of Congress are proactively undermining the right to organize and creating their alternative agreements using the power of federal law.

This has enormous repercussions, some of which are incomprehensible at first.

It implies that private transactions are susceptible to legislative and executive choices. It implies that collective action is merely a façade for what is beneficial for Washington residents at any particular time.

It implies that private trade and contracts are subject to the whims of the monarch and are, in actuality, public-private “alliances.” It is… a type of neo-feudalism.

As seen by opposition from the labor union sector, the government’s measures lack principle.

Democrats Lack Principle

This executive and legislative move is political hyperbole. It indicates that if Americans were unable to purchase specific commodities prior to the Christmas season or were required to pay a price for these goods, the incompetent leader and Democrats would experience a pushback in the 2024 elections.

The economy was a big role in the midterm elections of 2022, and now they’re posing with party protectionism at the expense of the freedoms of the private sector.

I am not the one who flip-flops on core beliefs. As with California’s AB 5 and contrary to the federal PRO Act, I would like the government to leave private transactions alone.