NAZI GOLD Dug Up in This Country


Germany’s Nazi army almost brought the whole world under domination after years of fighting the western allies.

In the process of their genocidal plans to rule the world, they amassed a lot of wealth, including gold stolen from Jewish people, expensive art, and looted treasure from conquered nations.

Now, a big discovery has occurred in Poland, where treasure hunters say they have uncovered the motherlode of Nazi gold.

How Much Gold Was Found and Where?

The gold was found in the Silesia region of Poland by a group of treasure hunters. Working from an antique diary they found from a German officer, they were able to track down a long canister in a former whorehouse that had been used by the Nazis in Poland.

It was buried about ten feet underground and the group got permission from historical authorities to investigate the site further.

The gold has been sighted and identified, as well as numerous other items, but access to the treasure and rights to who owns it has not yet been finalized; the site is still under interim status.

That’s when they found out about the hidden cache of gold. Experts believe it was stolen by psychotic SS head Heinrich Himmler from a German bank at the end of the war, then buried in the sleazy location.

They wanted to apparently stash the money away and use it to find a new agricultural zone in Ukraine that would supply food for Nazi Germany from the “breadbasket” of Europe.

In total, over four tons of gold were found in this massive recent discovery.

More Details Released

More details released from this big find are now being poured over. The discovery was made in a small village about 35 miles east of the Polish city of Wrocław.

The secret documents that led to the find were given to treasure hunters by the descendants of former SS officers, who were part of a secret society. They also found art, jewelry, and various other extremely valuable items in the cache.

They were stolen from the German bank in Breslau and buried by Himmler at the Polish escort location. This was near the end of the war, so advancing Soviet army soldiers wouldn’t find it once they entered Germany.

The canister hasn’t actually been fully gone through, yet; attempts will be made to return the gold to the original owners once it is examined fully.

The Bottom Line

Keep your eyes on this find and let’s see what happens with the money.

Nazi Germany stole massive amounts of money from its own citizens, especially German and foreign Jews; it still hasn’t been forced to pay for all its crimes nor to pay back all the stolen valuables.