MICHELLE OBAMA Getting Back Into Politics?


Michelle Obama is worshiped by the liberal media and has major star power on the left.

For the most part she’s stayed out of the political limelight since her husband ended his term as President.

However, Obama has still racked up the fame with her book Becoming and occasional interviews.

Now she’s getting back into politics in the last place anyone expected.

Michelle Gets Involved in Georgia

The Georgia Senate runoff election is very important to the Republicans and the Democrats. The Dems very badly want incumbent Senator Raphael Warnock back in office, while the GOP is throwing their full weight behind football great Herschel Walker.

Michelle has been helping record robocalls with Warnock telling people to vote for Warnock. Barack also has a rally with Warnock coming up Thursday, although it’s not clear if Michelle will also attend.

In her robocalls, Michelle tells Georgians to get out early to vote, saying the election will be “very close.” The runoff takes place on Dec. 6, but early voting will open up prior to that.

Getting Michelle involved seems to be a way to boost numbers and get the early voting rolls up.

It’s clear that Georgia is more of a red state, but especially in the cities there are a lot of Dem voters and if she can succeed in getting more to the polls then Warnock definitely has a solid chance of being reelected.

Why This Matters

This race matters because it can determine a lot about voting power in the all powerful US Senate. The Democrats already have control of the Senate due to the win of John Fetterman in Pennsylvania.

But they’d love to keep this extra vote on their side for if and when they need it.

Herschel Walker has proven himself a skilled orator and candidate on the campaign trail but he’s been pursued by a lot of baggage including his past mental health struggles and accusations that he paid an ex girlfriend to have an abortion.

Walker has denied the accusations, although at this point the race is completely neck and neck in a dead heat.

Either candidate could end up sitting in the Senate seat following the Dec. 6 vote, and the Dems are smart to try to boost the numbers ahead of the vote.

It’s worth remembering that Warnock already won the midterm election, he just didn’t win by enough, gaining a 37,000 vote lead out of 4 million votes, which was less than the 50% you need to win an election under Georgia state law.

The Bottom Line

Keep your eye on Michelle Obama. Her star power is not something the Democrats are going to let go to waste.

This won’t be the last time you see her getting involved back in politics by any means.