MAJOR: Kamala Has Heartfelt Message for Biden


Harris accompanied Biden and first lady Jill Biden to a gathering in Washington, DC, to appreciate volunteers and backers for their contributions during the election.

The Vice President opened her statement by honoring the efforts of “our sole President Joe Biden” throughout the election.

Kamala Applauds Biden

“You did it, Joe!” she exclaimed, probably referring to the viral meme depicting the Vice President applauding Biden on the 2020 voting results.

She continued with a giggle saying that she couldn’t resist.

The outcome of the midterm elections, according to Harris, sends a signal to the globe that our democracy is strong.”

She stated that the elections proved to be free, honest, and open and told the audience of her efforts to support abortion rights in the election campaigns.

She stated that she feels that if you understand what you stand for, you will recognize what to work for.

Additionally, the vice president lauded Biden for his endless cautions about the significance of protecting democracy.

She added that Joe Biden comprehends the vulnerability and power of democracy, as well as its dual character. That since day one, he has been speaking about it.

Even though Republicans were widely being predicted to win the House prior to the midterm elections, the victory margin stayed in debate until Thursday night.

Republicans Set For Triumph

NBC News predicts that the Republicans have achieved 222 seats, whereas the Democrats are projected to achieve 213. Additionally, the probability of the Republicans capturing the House has increased to 80.3%.

As the states of Nevada and Arizona continue to tally the ballots in their individual U.S. Senate contests, the result of the contest for controlling the U.S. Senate is still uncertain and will probably stay so until the weekend.

Currently, it looks like Adam Laxalt of the GOP has the advantage over Catherine Cortez Masto of the Democrats for the Senate prize in Nevada, but that might shift in the days ahead based on the tally of mail-in votes in the predominantly blue Clark County.

Two Republican members in the House of Representatives in Orange Area are holding their advantages over their Democratic opponents, while two Democratic incumbents in the county are engaged in close contests with Republican candidates.

Rep. Michelle Steel (R-CA) of the 45th district and Rep. Young Kim (R-CA) of the 40th district, are the very first Korean-American women appointed to Congress in 2020, each maintains double-digit leads so far.

Thanks to permissive voting procedures and extensive use of vote-by-mail votes, data continues to dribble throughout the county and the state, a lengthy and difficult process in the global capital of high-tech.

Mike Levin of the 49th district, where Vice President Joe Biden visited a political rally in the last days of the election, and Katie Porter of the 47th district keep their narrow leads.

In Los Angeles, numerous critical local elections remain unsettled. Outsider Rick Caruso (D) has an early lead against Democratic Party candidate Rep. Karen Bass in the contest for mayor (D-CA).