Biden’s Vicious Attacks on MAGA Republicans ‘Paid Off’ in Midterms


Democrat President Joe “Multiple Crisis” Biden’s numerous vicious verbal attacks against “MAGA Republicans” have paid off in the midterm election results.

This is according to one of Sleepy Joe’s top advisers, Anita Dunn, who praised his anti-GOP insinuations as an “effective strategy.”

‘It’s Just a Very Effective Strategy’ – ‘So That’s Okay!’

Dunn’s comments came after Biden spent weeks before the midterms bashing the Republican Party and its supporters and falsely portraying them as a threat to American democracy and even as “semi-fascists” and “extremists.”

The GOP fared worse than anticipated in last Tuesday’s midterm election, with no “red wave” materializing despite the various predictions to that end.

Instead, the Republicans lost key gubernatorial races and failed to gain control of the US Senate. That won’t be changed even by the fate of one last Senate seat, which is yet to be decided in a runoff vote in Georgia on December 6.

Even the Republican majority in the US House of Representatives hasn’t been formalized yet.

As of noon EST on Monday, the GOP has won 212 seats after flipping 17, with 218 needed for a majority, while the Democrats have won 204 after flipping five.

Speaking on NBC News’ program “Meet The Press” this Sunday, Biden’s Senior White House Adviser, Anita Dunn, found nothing wrong with the president styling his political opponents as “extremists” and “fascists.”

Instead, she lauded his attacks on “MAGA Republicans” as a “very effective strategy,” which “raised” for the American people “the hazards” associated with the “Make America Great Again” movement.

Delving deep into Biden’s verbal abuse towards the Republican Party and supporters, Dunn recalled that when Empty Shelves Joe first resorted to the term “MAGA Republicans,” there were “a lot of people” who believed “it wouldn’t work.”

However, according to the adviser, the strategy of hurling abuse at the Democrats’ political opponents has worked fine for the president.

(NBC News video snapshot)

Slapping Long List of Sins upon the Republicans

To justify Biden’s name-calling for the Republicans, Dunn claimed that it had been “embraced” by “some, like Trump.”

Abortion Joe’s adviser then accused the GOP and its voters of all kinds of sins – ranging from “democracy denial” and threatening to use “political violence” to having an “extremist program” to steal from women their “abortion right” and to even having “trickle down” economic policies.

Dunn went on to shift responsibility for any polarization to the Republican Party, which, in her words, should “come up” on its own what it stood for, the way Biden and the Democrats have supposedly done it.

Not unlike Democrats US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Biden’s adviser Anita Dunn also appeared on two TV political talk shows on Sunday.

Speaking on CBS News’ program “Face the Nation,” Dunn piled praise on her party for its “hugely consequential” results in the midterm election, which she described as “victory” – never mind that the Republicans are the actual winners, even if by a smaller margin than expected.

Biden’s Senior Adviser declared that the top priority for the US Congress now should be “keeping the government funded” and also allocating funding for tackling the damage from the natural disasters that hit Florida and Puerto Rico earlier this fall.