This story might seem like a lie but it is not!

It’s no secret that the Biden administration is not doing well, but things have gotten strange beyond what most people can even comprehend.

Let’s take a look at this next story involving Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Office of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposal, Sam Brinton.

This guy is an unusual character who identifies as “non-binary” (not a man or a woman), but one thing we now know he is for sure is a thief. 

Brinton Steals Women’s Luggage

In September, Brinton traveled to an LGBTQ Conference in Minnesota.

Airport security cameras caught Brinton stealing a piece of luggage from the baggage carousel. This is the kind of behavior that only a serious lowlife engages in, wouldn’t you agree?

It is normal that when disembarking from a plane, everyone goes to the baggage carousel and picks up their suitcase as soon as they identify it. Then you hoist it on a cart or roll it away.

What is not normal and not even correct is to take someone else’s luggage and take possession of it and take it with you.

The police then began investigating the case and looking further into what Brinton had done.

Brinton at first told the police that he had taken the suitcase by mistake, although this was later disproven.

The contents of the stolen suitcase were valued at about $2,500.

Brinton Then Started Using the Suitcase

And what caught the most attention is that Brinton not only stole the suitcase, but also started using it on all his travels since September 16.

His first appearance with the suitcase, was in just two days after the disappearance of it.

Remember: this is the man dealing with disposal of large amounts of nuclear waste and matters vital to the national security of the United States of America.

After his meeting in Minnesota, Brinton was seen returning to Washington, DC in possession of the suitcase.

From then on, in all his travels he boarded and landed with the object of the crime.

The nuclear engineer is now charged with theft.

His hearing is scheduled for December 19.

The Case Gets Even Stranger…

The real owner of the suitcase is a lady who travels along with her son.

So far she has been unable to recover either the suitcase or the contents, as Brinton never returned anything.

Police only confirmed Brinton’s suspicion was the perpetrator of the robbery when he traveled to Europe, and was seen several times using the suitcase.

On October 9, Officer Anne Katchmark made her first contact with Brinton.

As soon as he was confronted about the misuse of the suitcase, Brinton seemed to not know what it was about and feigned ignorance.

Katchmark continued to confront him until an hour later Brinton admitted part of his guilt in the case.

Brinton told the officer that he had accidentally picked up the suitcase for lack of attention, because he was very tired at the time of landing.

Brinton remains removed from his post until the case is resolved.

So far, the department in which he works, and his lawyer have not come public to comment on what happened.

What a farce this is and what a further embarrassment for the horrific Biden-Harris regime.