Biden Makes OUTRAGEOUS Claim About Abortion


Joe Biden is a Catholic and the media has presented him as a deeply religious man.

His relationship with God or a higher power is his business, but many have noted that his beliefs supporting abortion don’t line up with the Catholic Church.

In any case, Biden doesn’t only support abortion rights, he also misses no opportunity to make abortion into a political issue to seize power.

His latest outrageous claim is that pregnancy termination is the reason that women voted for the Democrats in the recent midterm elections.

Yes, he really said it.

Biden Praises Abortion for Helping Dems Win Midterms

Speaking in Washington, DC and cheering on the decent Democrat results in the midterms, Biden said women who support abortion deserve the credit. Various races in the midterms still remain to be fully officialized, but it’s clear that the red wave the Republicans expected never came.

Biden stood up there and bragged, saying women bashed “the hell” out of the GOP after conservatives justices voted to return Roe v. Wade to the states.

Is it true that some women who were upset and disagreed with removing the Roe precedent from federal law voted for mainly that reason against the GOP? Of course it’s true.

But no polling or evidence exists to suggest that “most” women voted due to abortion. The idea of treating all women as a bloc of generic voters is just as absurd as treating all men or all white people as one bloc of voters.

Biden may be interested to know that women are human beings who have emotions, opinions, various political beliefs and lifestyles. I know it may be hard for Joe to grasp here, but it’s 2022 and he should try to catch up.

What Do the Numbers Actually Say?

The numbers say that more married women actually voted for the GOP, at 56%, while only 42% of married females voted Dem.

When you look at unmarried women and childless women the numbers get a bit higher at 68% and 55%.

Overall, only 33% of women who were polled believed abortion was the most important issue at stake. But out of that 33% who did, 77% cast a vote for Dems.

In other words, some women certainly did vote Dem out of fear of abortion access being curtailed. But the vast majority didn’t.

Biden treating them as a monolith is both insulting and vastly sexist.

Women are human beings. Many vote for the Republican party. Many vote libertarian or independent. Many vote Democrat but aren’t focused on abortion.

The Takeaway

The Democrats did well in the midterms because they were successfully scared off from voting Republican in many cases. Overall, however, these kinds of lies like the one Biden told are losing their power.