BEGGIN’ BIDEN Pleads With China For Help


Joe Biden is relishing the glow of midterms that keep his party in a very good position. He’s gotten away with leading America off a cliff and he’s rubbing his hands in glee.

This guy has no shame, and there’s no low he won’t stoop to in his quest to put America last and disrespect our nation.

Want proof?

Biden is literally begging China to help him out and do him a solid.

Yes, China. 

Biden Pleads With China: Please Help Me

Biden is on his way to Cambodia and he plans to talk to an important person while he’s in Asia: Chinese dictator Xi Jinping.

China is the only reason North Korea still exists, and Biden wants to ask Xi for assistance in “stability” with regard to the rogue state.

Good luck with that.

The news that Biden will ask Xi to help America out came from National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan.

This guy is an old hand who’s all tied up with the Clintons and smart as a whip. He’s got the degree from Yale, he’s got the big words, he’s got the rolodex full of powerful people. What he doesn’t have is common sense. 

Why in the world would Biden still be trying to be diplomatic with Xi Jinping?

This lunatic communist monster is committing genocide and slavery inside China, has emboldened the insane North Korean regime and is actively undercutting American democracy and stabilization efforts from Afghanistan and Pakistan to Australia and Canada.

Here’s the Thing…

Biden is in Asia for a summit with 10 Asian nations. It makes sense that he’d want to lean on China or try to pressure them.

But “asking” them for assistance or to put more pressure on North Korea makes no sense.

China fully understands that North Korea is one of its aces in the hole. The massively rich Kim regime has raked in boatloads of cash, profiting off the misery and starvation of its people and begging for UN dollars that it then uses for its missile programs.

China knows this and likes this. North Korea is their glowing red danger sign to South Korea, Japan and US allies in the region:

Back off, or else…

True, North Korea is ridiculous politically. But it also has a massive one million man standing army, a viciously strong hatred of the United States and a definite willingness to go down firing as many warheads as it possibly can.

This is China’s insurance.

Going Ballistic

North Korea’s sent over 60 ballistic missiles into the air so far this year. Biden thinks China’s going to stop it? This guy needs to wake up and smell the coffee, because the rest of us are not interested in handing China a blank check to try to reign in Rocket Man.