AMNESTY COMING? Some Republicans Are All For It


Amnesty is not a very popular idea with conservative for a very simple reason: it rewards law breaking.

When you cross the border illegally, you deal with the consequences, including possible deportation back to your country of origin.

If that gets wiped away, then what good is the border at all? You might as well dismantle all border controls, fire customs staff and burn up the US legal code.

As former President Trump said: no border, no country.

However the bad news is that many Republicans are now coming around to the idea of passing amnesty. Yes, seriously.

The GOP is Closer to Backing Amnesty?

The Biden regime has made it clear where they stand on immigration: they don’t. They just let the border do whatever it wants and try to pretend everything is fine.

Biden and the Democrats want to legalize all these folks so that they can have a reliable voting bloc and more taxes for their big government wasteful spending.

More and more establishment Republicans are jumping onboard this plan, including Republican Senator Tom Thillis of North Carolina.

Once illegals get amnesty seven million more can be streaming across the border legally under dependent status as relatives of those illegals.

This would in turn create a massive wave of immigration over the border as more and more people come hunting for that sweet amnesty and social security check.

So why is Thillis trying to pass amnesty along with Democrat Kyrsten Sinema from Arizona? Who exactly does he think this is going to benefit? Because if it’s not the American people then he shouldn’t be messing with it.

The Human Side

Immigrants of all kinds including illegal immigrants are people too. They have families and faith and a heart. They deserve our compassion.

But it’s not compassionate to incentivize poor Central Americans and Mexicans to pay gangsters to steal most of their money and dump them at the border.

It’s also not compassionate to undermine our own economy and provide cheap labor that undercuts hardworking middle class Black and Hispanic Americans.

Right now illegals can come in and they’ll get booked and then released. Cartels are getting more money than they know what to do with, and American taxpayers are shelling out big.

Take the state of Texas where residents pay out $717 million a year to pay for healthcare for illegal aliens who show up at their hospitals with no coverage.

The Bottom Line

Amnesty might sound compassionate but it’s not. America’s immigration system has plenty of problems, but the solution isn’t to just open the whole thing up.

Streamline it? Absolutely. Improve it? Of course. But Republicans should not be voting to disobey our laws and bring in amnesty. Any who do such as Thillis need to be voted right out.