WATCH: Anti-Jewish Rant From Famous Comedian Raises Eyebrows


Racism against Jewish people has a horrible history. It’s led to genocide, persecution and unimaginable historical injustice.

The dislike and hate of Jewish people as an ethnic and religious group has not stopped, however. There are still plenty of stereotypes that persist and people who feel resentful of the Jewish identity.

Recently, the mentally ill rapper Kanye West made headlines for his threatening rants against “the Jewish people.”

Now another black celebrity by the name of Dave Chappelle is going off on Jews.

Wait, Isn’t This That Guy Who…?

Yes, Dave Chappelle is most well known for angering Netflix’s woke employees with his jokes about transgenderism.

But he’s not a one trick pony. This guy likes to offend people and cross lines. It’s part of his appeal and part of what made him famous in the first place.

He doesn’t care what you’re allowed to say or supposed to say. He has no filter.

His latest no-filter comments are being accused of spreading anti-Jewish hate after he opened for Saturday Night Live with a standup set that was full of some less-than-appropriate jokes about Jews.

What Did He Say This Time?

In a seven minute standup set, Chappelle basically talked about Kanye West and how Kanye (“Ye) managed to get in so much trouble with his comments on Jews.

As Chappelle noted, Ye went overboard in his threats and also basically was stupid to go after the Jews like this.

The issue that some are having with Chappelle’s talk is that he made light of disliking and insulting Jewish people, basically saying that there’s probably something to all of it but it’s not worth getting into.

If you say “the Jews” you lose your job and get blacklisted, so it’s safer to just pretend that Hollywood isn’t full of Jews and powerful Jewish people, according to Chappelle.

In other words, this cocky comedian gave a clear wink and nod to anti-Semitism.

He basically was saying that sure Ye is a bit crazy, but he’s also kind of right that Jews are too powerful and meddling in too many things. But keep your mouth shut or you’ll get fired and attacked in the media.

What’s the Problem, Exactly?

Nobody really wants to live in a politically correct society where comedians can’t offend some people. So Chappelle wants to trash talk Jews a bit, what’s the big deal?

Plus, when we criticize him isn’t that just proving his point that there’s an exaggerated reaction to anything anti-Jewish?

No, not really. If Chappelle had gone on an anti-black or anti-white joke fest that would also have been silly.

It’s enough with all the polarization, already.

This is Getting Old

We get it. Dave Chappelle is a comedian. But these jokes and sarcasm about Jewish identity are getting kind of creepy.