Virginia Restaurant Refuses Service to Conservative Christian Group


The Family Foundation of Virginia is the state’s biggest and oldest pro-family advocacy group. On Wednesday evening the organization was victim to discrimination by Metzger’s Bar and Butchery in Richmond, Virginia.

Organization Faces Discrimination

The group was refused service regardless of their reservation. It’s believed that the decision to refuse service is based on the organization’s beliefs and views.

According to the Family Foundation, they had been organizing their event for several weeks and hoped to utilize the quiet space to engage in fellowship and to update their followers on their work.

Approximately an hour and a half before the event was due to start, the restaurant’s manager called and canceled. The given reason is that the wait staff had googled the organization and since elected to refuse service.

The restaurant’s stated justification was that the group’s pro-life and conventional marriage stances infringed on the “fundamental human rights” of females and LGBT community members.

This is Completely Unacceptable

This act of discrimination highlights the hypocrisy of the left. While they insist that small business owners who happen to hold conservative beliefs must cater to customers who oppose these beliefs, they have no problem refusing service to those they disagree with.

For example, Jack Phillips must bake a wedding cake for a same sex marriage regardless of his personal beliefs and opinions, but it’s acceptable to refuse service to those who uphold their old fashioned views on marriage.

The woke left like to consider themselves tolerant and accepting of all by being intolerant and unaccepting of those whose beliefs differ from theirs. Anyone with opposing views must be shut down, punished and discriminated against.

True tolerance requires the tacit acknowledgement that there are aspects of a person or organization with which you differ, but you accept for the purpose of peaceful coexistence in a civil society.

The Family Foundation states that they think that private-sector employees should not be required to compromise their moral values.

Whereas the left seeks to muzzle traditionalists, The Family Foundation says it will not be shut up. They say that they observe viewpoint prejudice in Virginia, and will speak out. They urge all Americans who appreciate the right to free thinking and speech to speak up in their areas and to not be silenced by those who disagree.

The Woke Left is Deeply Hypocritical

It’s their hope that more will join them in their fight, regardless they will continue to fight anyway.

According to The Family Foundation, conservatives and religious individuals must anticipate being cut off from amenities in the present cancel culture climate.

They are aware they will pay more for goods and services and have fewer options. While many have not yet encountered discrimination, they know that they are at the forefront of the problem.

Observing these circumstances across the country and within their own community prompted them to purchase their own building, anticipating a day when they would no longer be accepted tenants by bigoted corporate building owners on the left.