Trump’s Jan 6 Tweets Resurface and Prove the Liberals Are Dishonest


Twitter may frequently be a quagmire of harmful cyber trash, but it also acts as a type of timeline with historical events. For I Instance: the reappearance of Donald Trump’s posts dated January 6, 2021.

Trump’s Back!

Since Trump’s profile has been reopened, all of his Twitter posts are available to the public. Tonight, republicans are filling their Twitter feeds with retweets of two tweets Trump wrote on January 6, and they offer a very different narrative from what liberals such as AOC and former officials such as Liz Cheney who’d prefer it if you believed something different.

After almost two years of missing out on Trump’s posts, his followers clearly appreciate the chance to review his comments and place the day’s happenings in context.

Tweet #1:

Undoubtedly, you will not hear the January 6 panel addressing this subject.

The second tweet reads:

Left Goes Berserk…

When Elon Musk launched a Twitter survey yesterday asking if Trump’s page should be returned, liberals such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) seized on the opportunity to parrot the party line.

She wrote that the last time Trump was on the platform he instigated violence and numerous individuals were killed, the Vice President of the United States was almost killed, and scores were wounded.

As Trump himself might state: This is false!

Trump did not actually instigate an uprising or violence on Twitter; in fact, he asked for individuals to behave peacefully, respectfully, and not to engage in violence at the event, and then pleaded for calm on Twitter before being prohibited.

He also stated that Pence was definitely not “almost killed” and that this is similar to how she recounts her own fantastical perspective of the day, which occurred while she was located in her offices, which is a considerable distance from the Capitol. However, she became irate when he debunked her phony story. As it turns out; she was never there and her story is a lie.

It’s possible that Trump may have performed other actions on January 6 . He could have made a bigger effort to calm people. These posts do not absolve him of the actions he could have taken that day to defuse the tension. However, they do demonstrate that he did not use Twitter to instigate riots and actually attempted to stabilize the situation.

Liberals Want to Hide Tweets

Liberals are so accustomed to having their opinions and ideologies reinforced on social media, with Big Tech gladly supporting them, that Elon Musk’s efforts to achieve balance have infuriated them. They would love nothing more than to obliterate Donald Trump’s January 6 remarks from the narrative that only they are permitted to create and spread as the truth.