Trump vs. DeSantis – What’s Going On?


Former president Donald Trump isn’t a Ron DeSantis fan.

In fact, Trump has now warned Ron DeSantis that he may harm himself very terribly if he campaigns for office in 2024.

Trump Has A Lot to Say

Inside a chat with Fox News that was released on Tuesday, the past president gave his advice.

He said he was unsure if he was running. Trump said he believes that if he runs, he may really damage himself.

Trump said DeSantis would “harm” himself if he runs because he believes the electorate would not support it, and he believes it would not be healthy for the party, the president said.

Then, without going into detail, Trump hinted at revealing some information on DeSantis.

Trump hinted that it could be about cheating or sexual things, since he said only DeSantis’ wife Casey would know more than him about some of what the governor has been up to.

This is definitely not going to be well received in the DeSantis camp and is a direct threat.

After labeling DeSantis as “Ron DeSantimonious” throughout a speech over the weekend, the previous president has now attacked him twice in less than one week.

Additionally, Trump stated on Monday that he will be making a “major statement” the following week, which most political commentators have interpreted as announcing a bid for reelection in 2024.

On November 15, in Mar-a-Lago in Fl, He will be delivering a very special announcement.

This is Not Good

A “gigantic fight” involving Donald Trump and DeSantis, as two front-runners for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024, is expected, according to Brexit founder Nigel Farage.

The inability of the so-called “Red Wave” to materialize will probably enhance Ron DeSantis in the gaze of Republican voters because it will not provide the “massive launching pad” Donald Trump had wished for before his anticipated declaration that he intends to run for the presidency once more.

This was stated by Nigel Farage who was talking from the pivotal midterm swing state of Arizona on Wednesday. While Republican benefits in House and Senate will limit Prez Biden’s capability to govern, he stated.

Discussions inside the Republican establishment about whether they will select Trump or DeSantis are likely to reach a crescendo, in my view, in the coming weeks, the seasoned political activist and anchor of GB News predicted.

Gov. DeSantis raced to a shocking win, beating his Democratic opponent, former gov. Charlie Christ, by nearly 20%, up from such a 0.4% win in the 2018 election that saw him becoming leader of Florida, even though the Red Wave appeared to have failed to materialize.

DeSantis said in an address from Tampa that Florida has “re-written the political climate” as a result of significant victories in previously Democratic strongholds like Miami-Dade county.