Trump Gets Very Bad News From Midterm Election Results


Yesterday’s midterms were supposed to be a red wave, but as the morning light dawned there was way too much blue for conservatives’ comfort.

There were some big wins for the Republican party and the conservative movement, that’s for sure. But they weren’t Trump wins.

In fact, it was quite a disappointing night for 45.

Trump is expected to launch a run for POTUS next week, but with results like this he’s got to be fuming mad.

What Happened?

Trump was betting on a red wave and even held a party last night to celebrate what he thought would be a red wave. He wanted the credit for helping it happen.

One small problem: it didn’t happen. 

Now, as we rack up the results of the midterms on Wednesday we can see that many of Trump’s picks for Senate, governor, Secretary of State and the House of Reps didn’t win their races.

A prominent example would be Trump-backed Dr. Mehmet Oz, who fell to brain-damaged Democrat John Fetterman in Pennsylvania by a humiliating margin of 3 points.

There are far more examples than just Oz’s loss, however.

More bad news for Trump came from Michigan where his pick of Tudo Dixon lost to Gretchen Whitmer in the governor race. The lady Trump wanted as Michigan’s Secretary of State Kristina Karamo also lost badly.

Trump also got some downer news from Arizona, where it looks like Republican Kari Lake may end up losing to her competitor Katie Hobbs in the race for governor, although results are still being tallied.

The Good News for Trump

Of course there’s good news, too. Trump-backed JD Vance won in Ohio against Tim Ryan, and Ted Budd won his run for Senate in North Carolina with Trump’s blessing.

Trump also helped put Katie Britt into Senate for Alabama, although getting a strong red candidate into office in Alabama isn’t exactly a magician’s trick.

Trump still has way more name ID than anybody else in the Republican party and if he announces next week he’s going to generate a massive buzz.

These results aren’t a complete rejection of him as a politician, nor are they all that bad.

The problem for Trump is that they’re also just not all that good. He got slammed here, and he knows it.

In fact, the biggest winner is Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, who took his state by a wide margin and even flipped blue areas like Miami Dade County.

A DeSantis 2024 run is becoming more likely by the day, and voters can see the Florida Governor’s star rising.

Trump’s attempts to attack DeSantis so far come off as purely desperate and shortsighted.

The Key Takeaway

DeSantis 2024 has a very good chance of happening. Trump 2024 looks deflated in the aftermath of yesterday’s midterms.