Top Pundit SLAMS Biden, Tells Shocking Truth About Dems


On Monday, “Charlamagne Tha God” from The Breakfast Club referred to the possibility that Democrats could run President Joe Biden against the Republican presidential candidate in 2024 as “sad.”

Is This The Best the Dems Have Got?

The talk show host and commentator also stated that he does not consider Vice President Kamala Harris to be a serious contender and that he believes she would lose a presidential election to either erstwhile President Donald Trump or maybe Florida Gov Ron DeSantis (R).

On Monday, one week after Trump launched his campaign for president, Charlamagne talked to Fox News digital about the next election in 2024. He stated that he was not sure that Biden could defeat Trump a second time, and he referred to the possibility of a rematch as “sad.”

He stated that, in his opinion, the outcome of a rematch might go either way. However, he does not believe that it is a sure thing, which, in his opinion, is a terrible thing. He said that it is still anyone’s guess between Donald Trump and Joe Biden for the presidency.

Charlamagne claimed that many criminal and civil investigations being conducted into Trump should make defeating him an easy task. Still, he blamed Democrats for what he views as a possible upset that is in the process of being created.

Possible Contenders Look Bleak

Charlamagne feels that this is more symbolic of what Democrats aren’t doing, and he shared this opinion with Fox News.

As he said, the Democrat field is truly shallow and if this is the best that they can do then there are some serious problems going on.

And from his perspective, he simply does not recognize the depth of the bench that the Democrats have. He went on to say that from a personal standpoint, he does not believe that they will be able to put forth a candidate in 2024 who is capable of genuinely galvanizing and energizing the people. He reaffirmed the reality that Biden is still their most secure and reliable candidate, which is another sad fact.

He also discussed the possibilities that lie ahead for Harris in the event that she puts herself up for her party’s candidacy for 2024 and is successful. Charlamagne made it clear that he did not consider her to be a serious contender.

He stated that he and she do not believe the vice president has a chance of defeating either Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis unless something miraculous occurs within the next two years and she makes a significant about-face, but based on what we have seen up to this point, the answer is no.

Charlamagne also expressed his desire that the Democratic Party will, between now and 2024, find a candidate who will motivate the people.