Top Billionaire Tells Trump to Sit Down and Shut Up


Donald Trump has never been shy about being rich.

In fact his own success is part of how he gained the trust of the American people. He said he would help put the country first and put “killers” and real winners in charge of our country and our economy.

Trump wasn’t perfect, but he certainly did better than many of his predecessors.

Now, as 45 considers a 2024 run, he’s getting some flak and also facing stiff competition from recently reelected Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

One billionaire banker recently let loose, saying Trump needs to just go away already.

Banking Billionaire Tells Trump To Screw Off

You may not have heard of Ken Griffin, but he’s the man who founded Citadel bank and he’s worth about $14 billion. That makes him much richer than Trump.

Griffin is a conservative who supports the GOP, but he’s done with Trump. He’s advising Trump that it’s time to step aside and let somebody else take the reigns.

Who does Griffin want to run instead? You guessed it: DeSantis.

Calling Trump a “three-time loser,” Griffin said he’s sick of hearing Trump’s bragging and noise about running.

According to Griffin’s definition, Trump has lost three times because he didn’t win the 2020 election, he screwed up the Georgia Senate runoff in 2021 leading to Raphael Warnock becoming senator, and he failed to get a red wave to happen in these most recent midterms.

This sounds a lot like blaming Trump for everything that happens like leftists do, but in any case, Griffin isn’t holding back.

Griffin Praises ‘Unbelievable’ DeSantis

Griffin is from Florida and in fact he’s the richest man in the Sunshine State. His word means something and he is a massive donor to the GOP.

He’s already given over $5 million to DeSantis, who he calls “unbelievable” and praises for his many “accomplishments.”

According to Griffin, the midterms were something that he was “quite happy” with despite the fact that they were a “red ripple” instead of the wave people had been hoping for. Griffin also praised the supposed “democracy” at work in the midterms.

Remind me again, what makes Griffin a conservative? His preference for tax cuts? Because this sounds a lot like a progressive talking here.

A recent joke from Senator Ted Cruz said that midterm results will only be finalized once the Democrats find a way to win. Is this the amazing “democracy” Griffin is referring to?

The Bottom Line

DeSantis is definitely a strong candidate and he has done incredible things for Florida and for America. But calling Trump a “loser” is a bit of a stretch. The guy came from a life outside politics and became President, going on to lead one of our two major political parties.

That doesn’t sound like much of a “loser” to me.