Texas Gov. Invokes ‘Invasion Clause’ for Desperate Crackdown on Illegal Immigration


The newly reelected Republican Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, has invoked the invasion clause of the national and state constitutions as he tries to protect the border. 

This as Abbott embarks on forceful measures – such as the deployment of gunboats – to tackle the rampant illegal immigration tolerated by Democrat President Joe “Open Border” Biden’s administration.

Abbott Goes Radical as Invasion about to Get Much Worse

Abbott’s radical move comes as the latest data and estimates from US Customs and Border Protection show America has been invaded by 5.5 million illegal immigrants in the first 21 months of Joe Biden’s presidency.

At least 1 million of those have been gotaways completely undetected by US law enforcement. At least 2.3 million have remained in the US, including the gotaways.

Abbott’s state-level push for defending the territory, sovereignty, and national integrity of the United States is also occurring against the backdrop of a US District Judge ruling that struck down Title 42, the Trump-era public health policy which led to the expulsion of 2.4 million illegals since it was adopted in March 2020.

Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott was reelected for a third four-year term during last week’s midterm elections as he defeated Democrat challenger Beto O’Rourke by a 10-point margin.

As Sleepy Joe’s administration has been implementing a de facto policy of encouraging illegal immigration and erasing the US-Mexican border, Abbott has been trying to counter that with his state’s own resources.

His moves have included the shipping off of illegal immigrants to high-profile Democrat-dominated communities across the nation, such as Washington, DC, New York City, and Chicago.

The Texas Governor on Wednesday published a letter to Joe Biden declaring officially his invoking of the “invasion clause” and accusing the Democrat president of failing to defend the nation from the illegal immigration influx.

It’s All Because of Joe ‘Open Border’ Biden

In his letter to Biden, Abbott stated that the Democrat administration’s border and immigration policies had had “catastrophic consequences” for the United States. In addition, he complained that Texans had been “paying the price” for Empty Shelves Joe’s “failure.”

The Texas governor declared that Biden’s “inaction” over the past two years had left Texas “no choice but to escalate” any measures they could attempt to “secure our State,” as cited by The Daily Mail.

He also emphasized that America’s Founding Fathers, who created the US Constitution and the invasion clause, “foresaw” the “failures” of presidents such as Joe Biden.

Before sending his letter to Biden, Abbott announced on Twitter a handful of measures he was taking to invoke the invasion clause.

Those include sending gunboats to patrol along the Rio Grande and deploying the Texas Department of Public Safety and the National Guard to arrest and expel illegal immigrants.

Abbott also vowed to build a border wall in “multiple counties” in the state of Texas, which contains five of the nine Southern Border sectors.

Another policy provides for designating the Mexican drug cartels as terrorist organizations, a measure typically reserved for the US president.

In 2018, President Donald Trump was mulling declaring the Mexican organized crime groups “foreign terrorist organizations,” but his advisers convinced him otherwise.

Besides those, Abbott’s intended measures also include striking security “compacts” with “foreign powers” that would help “enhance border security.”