Philadelphia Moves to Instate a Permanent Curfew


Throughout the run-up to the midterm elections, whenever you asked a Democrat regarding the increasing crime rates in American cities, you were informed it was an illusion.

It’s not that terrible. These are merely GOP propaganda points.

Democrats Deny the Problem

Governor of New York expressed amazement that someone could even raise the topic. Possibly somebody should inform these individuals about what’s going on in the supposed city of “Brotherly Love” (A terribly humorous name in light of the current situation.)

Strict Curfew Introduced

Why did the City Council agree to maintain the 10 p.m. curfew that was in place for practically anyone under the age of 18 all summertime permanently if everything is doing so well?

And yet, that is precisely what occurred on Thursday, with one Democrat who spoke in support of the proposal citing the city’s terrible crime statistics and the harm that crime provides to her own child.

The summer restriction in Philadelphia may shortly become permanent. On  Thursday afternoon, the city council backed a bill that might make the summertime curfew eternal.

Councilmember Katherine Gilmore Richardson introduced the proposal and is a mother in her private life.

Protecting the ‘Youth’?

Gilmore Richardson states that her purpose is to safeguard the youth of Philadelphia, who are all too often victims of the city’s crime spree.

She stated that far too many adolescents have been embroiled in violence or criminal acts because they were out late at night.

Since more crimes are perpetrated at night, a curfew has been implemented. The curfew alone should be viewed as an implicit acknowledgment that Philadelphia is merely too unsafe and that the government is incapable to ensure the safety of its citizens.

The decision to make the curfew indefinite is effectively an acknowledgment that they cannot (or will not) do something about the situation and that conditions will not improve in the near future.

No rocket scientist was required to work this out. Wawa has been closing its Philadelphia outlets since they are too regularly attacked to be lucrative and their staff are not protected there.

Larry Krasner, Philadelphia’s soft-on-crime district attorney, bears a great deal of responsibility. This is the exact district attorney that was abruptly removed from office by the state legislature.

Krasner maintains that none of this is his fault, ignoring the reality that he freed a condemned killer who is now sought after ffor a second killing last year.

Crime Rising in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is obviously insanely unsafe. And it is primarily a self-inflicted wound. However, it should be noted that the curfew has had little impact on the crime rate, and prolonging it is unlikely to have a largely positive effect.

This is due to the similarity between curfews, gun control legislation, and “gun-free zones.” The only individuals who pay heed to them are law-abiding citizens.

The gang bangers and other offenders will not alter their intentions for the night due to the possibility of receiving a citation for breaking the curfew.