Patrice Thibodeau Is Sued By Project Veritas For Leaking Trade Secrets


Project Veritas is a leading conservative investigative journalism company.

They bust crime and corruption wherever it exists, often by using undercover agents.

But sometimes that leads to some big problems. The latest is quite spicy.

What Happened?

According to allegations made in a lawsuit filed by Project Veritas, a former video editor for the organization who left to pursue a career as an adult star in Florida has been posting damaging information about the organization on YouTube.

Patrice Thibodeau,  started working as digital director for the Connecticut Republican Base in January 2019. He decided to leave in Dec 2019 to pursue a career as an adult content film star.

Right now he allegedly violated his employment contracts with Project Veritas on multiple occasions, according to a filing made by the organization in Manhattan Supreme Court.

The mainstream press watchdog organization that leans to the right is well-known for its undercover recordings that were shot without the subject’s knowledge.

It is said that Thibodeau, 33, produced 6 YouTube videos in September and August under his online handle, “Jean Jacques the C–k,” divulging “secret information” about the company, criticizing the employees of the organization, and exploiting the name of the company “to promote his profession.”

According to the extensively redacted court documents, Thibodeau, who functioned at Project Veritas from December 2019 until September 2020, continued to post “disparaging videos” even after the company alerted him that he was infringing his employment contracts.

Thibodeau’s employment at Project Veritas lasted from December 2019 until September 2020.

According to allegations made in a lawsuit filed by Project Veritas, Patrice Thibodeau has been “degrading” the company that he formerly worked for.

What Confidential Info Did Thibodeau Leak?

In the civil suit, Project Veritas stated that its operations are heavily dependent on maintaining the confidential information of its privileged information.

This includes the identities of its deep cover journalists, as well as its sources, methods, and innovation, as well as its active projects.

James O’Keefe, the creator of Project Veritas, was banned permanently from using Twitter. The corporation is seeking monetary damages in the amount of $200,000 as well as an order from the court prohibiting Thibodeau from violating his agreements.

With all information available, Thibodeau can not be allowed to get away with his acts. He was trusted with sensitive information and he abused this trust. For this, he should be made to pay through his nose.

If organizations like Veritas are going to be able to continue the valuable work they do, they need to have legal recourse to dealing with these kinds of situations that come up.

What are your thoughts about this?

Are you with us that Thibodeau has to pay for his actions? Or do you think there’s nothing wrong with what he has been doing?