New GRIFT from DISGUSTING RINO Rick Wilson Has Whole Country Laughing


To enter the kingdom of heaven, it will only be possible if you pay a price.

To enter Rick Wilson’s kingdom you have to pay $5.

Wilson is a former Republican insider who defines RINO. He hates Trump with a passion and started the Lincoln Project to stand up to him.

They ended up being severely humiliated after the founder was exposed as a child predator.

But Wilson isn’t giving up. He’s back with a new project to “protect democracy.”

This guy should get an acting award at Cannes for his performance. He’s incredible.

Just, no!

What’s Wilson’s New Project?

Rick Wilson is a former Republican and a diehard anti-Trump activist. He’s one of the founders of the Lincoln Project, a corrupt and perverted organization that aims to make the Republican party into the Democrats.

It is a political action committee, which was created in 2019 by former Republicans.

The main focus of this committee has always been to sabotage any and all possibility of Trump getting re-elected or maintain power.

It’s goal is also to weaken any Republican who wants to push an America First agenda or any of Trump’s major political positions in the U.S.

By 2020, the committee gained more relevance with President Biden’s run for office, which they backed by sabotaging the GOP.

Since then, the Lincoln Project has released several media ads that have aggrandized the Democratic brand, but nothing at the level of Wilson’s new scam.

The Whole Country Is Laughing At Wilson

Wilson’s latest strategy has the whole country laughing at him. He’s developed a 100% streaming network for the Democratic public and people who hate Trump.

That’s right: a Netfilx of democracy!

This week, Wilson introduced his new company, Resolute Square, to the public.

Wilson now offers three different versions to subscribers.

In basic, premium and master plan, this project will take your wallet and empty it out. It’s certainly a highly democratic design for all pockets!

Plan prices range from $59.99 to 249.99 per year.

A full package for those who like to fill the ball with democracy and destroy any conservative momentum (at least in Wilson’s dreams).

Wilson’s Streaming network was designed by members of the Lincoln Project and is also affiliated with ABC News.

Wilson’s Goose is Cooked

If even God doesn’t forgive bad deeds, imagine the Internet. Wilson’s new project has people laughing out loud.

Let’s face it, Wilson is a master at winning media attention and making friends with the left. That doesn’t mean it’s a positive thing.

Last year, The Lincoln Project gained the spotlight when a scandal came to light.

John Weaver, one of the founders of the project, was accused of sexual harassment by more than 21 young people. Two of them were minors.

Not only sex scandals harmed the project.

Lincoln Project, too, has been the target of scandals involving money.

Between 2019 and 2020, the project raised more than $87 million through political donations.

More than half of that amount ended up in the pockets of the project’s founders.

The Bottom Line

Wilson probably won’t achieve any success with Resolute Square. But this scam still deserves to be fully exposed and mocked.