MELANIA TRUMP Has Big Impact on Europe


Melania Trump is one of the greatest First Ladies in US history, there’s no doubt about that.

And wherever she goes good things happen, including back in her home country of Slovenia.

The latest example?

Preliminary results indicate that attorney Nataa Pirc Musar clinched a runoff election on Sunday to become Slovenia’s first female president.

Melania’s Lawyer is Elected President

Based on the most recent media estimates, with virtually all of the ballots tallied, Pirc Musar beat former conservative Foreign Minister Ane Logar by 54 percent to 46 percent.

Pirc Musar, a distinguished attorney, defended former first lady Melania Trump in copyright and other matters in her native Slovenia.

Throughout Melania’s husbands administration, the Slovenian-born Ms. Pirc Musar was retained as a lawyer to represent the interests of Mrs. Trump.

In 2016, Ms. Pirc Musar and Mrs Trump launched a lawsuit in Slovenia against Suzy magazine for saying that Mrs. Trump worked as a high-end escort/prostitute while she was working as an international modeling and building her career. There was an out-of-court settlement.

Her triumph strengthens the nation’s liberal bloc after the success of the center-left coalition in April’s legislative elections in Slovenia.

According to the Associated Press, Pirc Musar told her election team that her first responsibility will be to start a discussion between all Slovenians.

Hopes for the Future

Logar admitted defeat and expressed his hope that Pirc Musar would fulfill all of her campaign pledges.

Pirc Musar, age 54, will become the first female to serve as president since Slovenia’s independence in 1991, following the dissolution of Yugoslavia.

According to the new president, Slovenia has chosen a president who is committed to the European Union and its founding democratic values.

She went on to state that younger folks are now placing the burden of caring for our world on the shoulders of our political leaders so that our kids can live in a safe and clean environment.

Musar Concerned About Climate

She stated that the globe is experiencing challenging times due to climate change.

Musar has been accused of bolstering her husband’s business empire by accumulating cash through tax havens. She rejected the allegations made against her by stating that all the firms she and her spouse owned were legal and that all taxations were paid in Slovenia.

The president’s function is primarily symbolic, but Ms. Pirc Musar will be commander-in-chief of the military services and will appoint a number of top officials, such as the central bank governor.

The newly elected president of Slovenia, a member of the EU and NATO, will succeed Borut Pahor, a 30-year political veteran. Pahor, a former supermodel who served two five-year terms, is frequently referred to as the president of Instagram due to his extensive use of the social network.

After submitting his ballot in Ljubljana, Uros Pinter remarked, that he trusts the next president to worry about us, the citizens, and to serve Slovenia well. He said that he believes the moment has come for a female president.