Has DESANTIS Found SECRET KEY to Victory?


Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida is clearly planning to run for President in 2024. The question is whether he can win and how.

DeSantis is a strategic man who works hard and plays to win.

Part of this mentality is taking away Trump’s base.

Here’s how he plans to do it.

DeSantis Discovers New Way To Win White House

DeSantis still has nowhere near the amount of name recognition as Donald Trump. He’s got some wealthy GOP donors going over to his side, but he still has a steep hill to climb.

Recently, DeSantis showed that he’s very serious about gaining some traction when he went to the RJC (Republican Jewish Coalition) meeting in Las Vegas.

There’s no mistake that this is coming the same time period as Trump met with anti-Jewish rapper Kanye West and white nationalist far right figure Nick Fuentes.

DeSantis is showing that he’s willing to stay more within respectable boundaries and has also been touting his own win in Florida as proof that he’s POTUS material.

DeSantis is also proving that he understands one of the secrets to getting his way to the Oval Office will be social conservatism and respecting the GOP’s religious base.

Showing up and meeting and greeting with the RJC shows that DeSantis gets it.

Who’s the Frontrunner?

Right now Trump clearly has the most name identification among the GOP voting base and among the country as a whole.

Nonetheless, DeSantis is quickly accelerating into a solid second place and he has a lot of time to gain ground.

Trump has so far tried to paint DeSantis as a kind of square and goody two shoes figure, terming him “Ron DeSanctimonious” at a recent rally. It remains to be seen if this will work.

What we do know is that DeSantis is widely respected, has big donors on his side and isn’t afraid to go up against open borders, abortion, the LGBT agenda and more. This is a big win for the Republican base.

Stopping kids from getting cut up or learning about trans ideology in grade school and “stopping Woke” has endeared DeSantis to many.

He may be “DeSatan” to the far left, but to many moderate and right voters in Florida he’s a political savior.

The Bottom Line

DeSantis is clearly modeling his run on Trump’s successful 2016 venture for the White House.

The difference is that he’s positioning himself as a more held back figure who’s more cautious in what he says but who’s still strongly conservative.

This includes on social issues.

If anything, Trump showed that the fight over the culture wars is far from over and that voters are willing to elect almost anyone who will do something to stop the rainbow warriors from destroying this country.