Harmeet Dhillon; Hope For The RNC


A ray of light shone on the horizon for the Republican Party on Sunday with the announcement that Harmeet Dhillon will be challenging Ronna McDaniel for the role of RNC chairperson.

Who’s the New Woman?

Dhillon has become a very well-known personality in the conservative legal community, and as a result, she has widespread support among conservatives.

She is a committeewoman for the RNC and a frequent pundit on Fox News; Politico claims she will use her position to advocate for change.

There will soon be a challenger to Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel.

According to two sources familiar with Harmeet Dhillon’s plans, the RNC committeewoman whose office represents Donald Trump is gearing up for a run for party chair.

People close to Dhillon say she has been discussing a possible run with other RNC members and that she may announce her candidacy in the coming days.

Dhillon said in a remark that the GOP owes it to the voters to have a meaningful discussion about the Republican Party’s leadership and what must significantly alter to win big in 2024.

This comes after three consecutive terms of lackluster results at the polls, despite leaders applauding themself for outstanding results.

A Clearly Superior Choice

There’s no way not to support Dhillon. Shockingly, Ronna McDaniel has not resigned in disgrace as head of the RNC, given the complete and total failure of her tenure thus far.

Since she took office, Republicans have been pummeled by the blue wave of 2018, ended up losing the White House and the Senate in 2020, and wasted the finest political climate in decades in 2022, winning the House by a razor-thin margin.

When it was clear to everyone that the election was a tremendous blunder, McDaniel went on a media blitz to boast about how well she and the party had done. Someone who would resort to gaslighting their own voters in that way has no place in politics.

The attributes that inspired Donald Trump to personally select her as RNC head haven’t translated into electoral victories.

Things definitely need to change, because the definition of madness is continuing to pursue the same course of action while expecting different results.

If the article in Politico is accurate, Dhillon would be the only serious contender to unseat McDaniel. The outcome of this situation will be fascinating to observe.

While McDaniel is undoubtedly on Trump’s side, Dhillon’s law company handles Trump’s most pressing legal concerns. The best-case scenario is that he decides to remain out of it and watch events unfold naturally.

Whatever the case may be, Dhillon deserves your vote. She’s shown to be a strong leader and intelligent thinker, qualities that are desperately needed at the RNC. McDaniel got her opportunity, but it didn’t pan out.