GOP Serving REVENGE on Nancy Pelosi


Nancy Pelosi is stepping down as Speaker of the House in January.

Although she plans to continue serving as a Congresswoman for California’s 12th District, Pelosi will leave the House leadership to someone new.

However, in her decades of being a political power broker, Pelosi has played hardball. She even kicked Republicans to the curb and stripped them of committee positions to increase Democrat power.

Now as the GOP prepares to move into a majority in the House, they’re getting ready to serve Pelosi some of her own medicine.

Bye Bye, Democrats

At the moment, the GOP is led in the House of Representatives by Kevin McCarthy of California. He has a good shot of becoming House Speaker after Pelosi, and he has big plans.

For one thing, McCarthy has called for Homeland Security chief Alejandro Mayorkas to resign over the mess at the southern border.

For another thing, McCarthy plans to kick Democrats off various committees, partly in response to the way they booted Paul Gosar and Marjorie Taylor Greene off their committees to punish them for saying things that upset some people.

Committees are very important and much of the background work and influence in the House goes on at the committee level.

McCarthy says that he’s going to have Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell and Ilhan Omar booted out of their committee roles because of various misdeeds and statements they have made.

As you can imagine, these individuals are very upset about McCarthy’s comments.

Why Does McCarthy Want To Target These Three?

The reason McCarthy is threatening the committee positions of these three is because of their extraordinary harm to the Republic and to our democratic system.

Schiff was a ringleader of the witch hunt against Trump. He’s made numerous provably false statements, including claiming he had proof of Trump working with Russia when he did not.

Schiff used his position as head of the intelligence committee to persecute Trump and turn the committee into a partisan organization and woke spy show.

Eric Swalwell dated a Chinese spy for years and then when he was exposed he ended up keeping his committee appointments regardless.

As for Omar? She’s clearly an anti-Jewish fanatic who doesn’t respect the United States and McCarthy has said that her racism should prevent her from being able to serve at the committee level.

If Omar was a Republican she already would have been chased out of office for her numerous hate-filled and anti-American comments, including her claim that support for Israel in the United States is only due to “the Benjamins” (money).

What’s Next?

It remains to be seen whether McCarthy is all talk or whether he’s really going to go forward with this kind of thing.

If he does, you can be sure it will be very popular. The Democrats may come to regret playing politics with committee, because the tide of power comes and goes, and they’re currently up short in the House.

Let’s watch this story and see what happens.