FBI Exposed: What Did They Actually Take in Mar-A-Lago RAID?

This summer, the Biden-Harris regime crossed a bright red line.

That line was the divider between a democracy and a dictatorship.

They crossed it when they let the FBI raid the home of former President Donald Trump in Palm Beach, Florida.

The August raid by the FBI on Mar-A-Lago was supposedly done over classified documents and materials Trump had been hoarding. Media even hinted he may have been storing nuclear codes!

Now the truth is coming out about the motives behind the raid and what was seized.

What Was Taken From Mar-A-Lago?

The politicization of the FBI and Department of Justice is pure poison for the American republic.

When the Biden-Harris regime crossed that line there was no going back, and raiding the private home of the former POTUS was an egregious violation.

At the very least, there must have been a solid reason for it, we would hope.

Well, we were told that Trump might be endangering national security, that he’d broken very crucial laws about presidential records, that he was a wild card who was collecting mementos from Kim Jong-un and hiding secrets.

Then strange things started happening: a photo leaked out of some of the seized documents. This was very strange: how did a photo leak of secret documents if they were so secret that a former POTUS had been raided over them?

Then we found out that the idea that Trump was hiding very dangerous secret stuff was maybe not, entirely true.

In fact, we found out that the raid was just a fishing expedition to try to nail Trump, exactly like conservatives said it was.

Here’s What They Took

The most we know at this point is that the FBI took some documents related to finance and rifled through some other presidential records.

Big deal!

You don’t raid someone’s home over stuff like that, much less with dozens of federal agents rummaging through Melania’s panties. We all know what this was: it was an attempt to bully Trump into not running.

Well, bad news: he already announced his run on Nov. 15 and that train has left the station.

This intimidation attempt has not worked, and whatever way the deep state tries to spin things at this point, a large portion of the American public won’t be buying it.

Not Ready To Play Nice

Now that Republicans have taken the House they have the chance to dig into some of the copious dirt in the Biden crime family and among the despicable Democrat party.

We’re supposed to believe that now is the time to chill out and work together as conservatives and liberals?

After the banana republic thuggery of the Mar-a-Lago raid, the Democrats will be lucky if their whole party isn’t having nightly raids on their homes by federal agents.