China Having a REVOLUTION?


As unparalleled civil turmoil engulfed the country, Chinese authorities battled with tens of thousands opposing the nation’s harsh COVID shutdowns.

Chinese Taking a Stand Against Their Government?

A minimum 7 of cities, notably Shanghai, Nanjing, and Guangzhou, witnessed the outbreak of conflict between city cops and enraged protestors.

Protesters Get Gassed

Many publicly demanded the resignation of President Xi Jinping at the biggest protest, which occurred in Shanghai, a metropolis of 26 million people.

Approximately 300 protestors were sprayed with tear gas, based on an eyewitness, although news reporters estimated the figure to be among the thousands.

Hundreds congregated Friday night to lament the loss of at least ten people who perished in an accidental fire in Urumqi, Xinjiang, where inhabitants were trapped in their homes to prevent the transmission of COVID.

China’s New COVID Obsession

Almost 3 years after the pandemic’s inception in China, the country is starting a new massive campaign on the infection and imposing debilitating shutdowns across the nation.

The state registered an additional 39,791 new infections, the largest one-day surge on record, along with 4,307 instances in Beijing city.

However, it seems ill-prepared for the most recent struggle with COVID, as it uses its own vaccinations instead of internationally supplied ones that have been licensed but are not as powerful against the infection.

Officials in the remote western Xinjiang region were compelled by public outrage to lift the three-month-long ‘zero-Covid’ shutdown of portions of the city Urumqi.

According to sources, a portion of the demonstrations also happened in Urumqi, where the fire broke out following concerns that it increased the death toll.

At least ten people perished in a blaze at an elevated apartment building, which sparked the demonstration. Some have asserted that lockdown procedures hindered rescue operations and citizens’ ability to flee.

Hundreds of protesters were captured on video facing riot police on the sidewalks of Urumqi, where a large number of city’s four million people have been prohibited from departing from their homes for up to 100 days.

President Xi Jinping’s administration is facing escalating criticism for its ‘no-COVID’ strategy, which has restricted access to locations across China in an effort to quarantine each case during a period when other countries are relaxing regulations and attempting to coexist with the infection.

This has allowed China to maintain a smaller rate of infection than the USA and other nations. But the ruling Communist Party is hearing more and more concerns about the financial and societal cost as firms close and households are cut off from healthcare and nourishment for several weeks at a time.

Videos depicted some demonstrators calling for Xi to resign or the governing party to cede control.

Public Calls For Change

Some footage shows a guy yelling at uniformed officers about whose kids are they, and whose parents are they, and  do they  have a sense of morality? They questioned h ow many individuals died today?

Other recordings depicted marchers in a square chanting China’s flag and anthem, which was interpreted as an effort to avoid being accused of being anti-government.