BREAKING: Ted Cruz Gets Publicly Attacked by Rabid Leftist


On Monday, Houston police arrested a man suspected of tossing an alcoholic drink can toward Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas.

It happened during the Houston Astros’ World Series celebration parade.

This is just another display of violence from the radical left.

Crazed Leftist Throws Drink

The can, which police say held beer but which Cruz described as the strong seltzer White Claw, reportedly struck Cruz in the upper torso.

The 51-year-old lawmaker required no medical help.

As per authorities, the 33-year-old who reportedly hurled a canister at Cruz was arrested and awaits charges of assault.

Cruz is accustomed to public confrontations. In a Houston sushi bar, he was taunted for his views on gun legislation, and in a D.C. Italian restaurant, he was questioned about his connection with Brett Kavanaugh, then a candidate for the U.S. Supreme Court.

Politicians as well as other government leaders have previously been subject to public attacks: eggs, pies, novels, footwear, and glitter bombs are examples of common objects tossed and thrown at public figures.

Why Are Things Getting Worse?

According to analysts, the current political situation is exceptional.

Spencer Overton, a law professor at George Washington University said this is “new” and worse than before.

He stated that America is witnessing unprecedented cultural angst, and people are participating in political violence to safeguard their identities.

Online videos depict the audience jeering Cruz during another segment of the parade.

Joe Biden carried Harris County, which encompasses Houston, with more than 10 points in the 2020 presidential election inside the deep red state.

Furthermore, Harris County has witnessed some of the bloodiest political battles in Texas, such as the deployment of election observers by Republicans to supervise the processing of votes.

Democrats are concerned that the monitors may frighten voters, whilst Republicans claim they are attempting to protect the vote’s legitimacy.

Midterm Madness

Both local and national sensitivities are high heading of Tuesday’s midterm elections.

Garen J. Wintemute, the head of the UC Davis Violence Prevention Program and an emergency department doctor, carried out a survey of 8,500 adults in the United States and found that one in American adults would be prepared to tolerate political violence.

And while there is a difference between approving and perpetrating political violence, according to Wintemute, tolerance of violence creates an environment where violence is accepted.

He said “intermittent” problems are to be expected.

Record High For Political Violence

In a database produced by Princeton University last month, 400 incidences of political violence targeting public officials were documented.

This is some disturbingly high statistics when it comes to disruptions in the political system. Let’s hope law and order can be restored, because the republic can’t take this level of disorder and political agitation around our electoral process.