Americans Leaving the Country For the Last Place You’d Expect

In the 1960s a slogan became popular for Americans who were angry at the direction of the country: love it or leave it.

Many people did leave it, especially those escaping the draft for the Vietnam War. But many more just moved to places like Berkeley and San Francisco, or started communes in the woods.

Now, as inflation hits record highs and the world spins out of control, there’s a new exodus.

Americans are leaving in record numbers, but they’re not headed to luxury destinations or Switzerland:

They’re moving to Mexico.

Adios, America!

We often hear about the crisis happening on our southern border, but the immigration flow is actually going both ways.

To be sure, far more people want to come into the United States than want to leave it, mainly out of a desire for a safer and more prosperous life.

But plenty of Americans are also heading in the opposite direction, going down Mexico way where the USD spreads a lot further and there are more opportunities to build a comfortable life for their family.

In fact last year over 8,000 Americans became permanent residents of Mexico between January to September. That’s up 85% from two years ago.

These record numbers include many locations, but the most popular is Mexico City, where around 20% of Americans are deciding to move.

Who are they? Digital nomads, families, businesspeople, even individuals who left from the kind of vaccine and other requirements that were imposed by the Biden-Harris regime and others.

Mexico City Capitalizes on Gringo Invasion

Mexico city is led by Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum. She’s a smart lady and has partnered up with Airbnb to open up areas of the city to more expansion and foreign influx.

Basically the idea is to get the city’s various areas well known to digital nomads and others who want to go to lesser known areas.

While some businesses and sites like Airbnb are having a great time with the gringos, other workers are less thrilled, saying the foreigners and their American dollars are inflating the cost of living for ordinary Mexicans who earn pesos.

There’s no doubt that tourism and more immigrants is a double-edged sword. In the case of the United States it lowers the value of labor and exposes the country to all sorts of new problems including increased gang and drug activity.

In the case of Mexico, it exposes their people to higher cost labor, which drives up the price of living for them and makes life more difficult.

That’s the thing about borders: they go two directions, and when you start mixing around too much with them you cause movement in both directions.

The Bottom Line

Many Mexicans are coming to the US to try to earn and save more money, and many Americans are going to Mexico for exactly the same reason.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.