Trafficking Ring Busted Involving Republicans


Sex trafficking belongs to a disgusting and highly profitable system. Greed and perversion lead people to commit and participate in this kind of scrupulous crime.

On Monday, December 19, a young woman confessed to committing sex trafficking in Minnesota and is facing a number of charges.

Though this case is especially disturbing, considering it involves conservatives who claim to be standing for family values and the American way.

Who’s Going To Trial?

Gisela Castro Medina, a 20-year-old who held a representative position at the Minnesota College Republicans at the University of St. Thomas, is one of those charged.

Medina didn’t act alone. She relied on the help of Arton Lazzaro, better known as Tony, to lure girls to his web of wicked exploitation.

Tony is a 32-year-old man, very intelligent, and articulate, according to all reports. Though he had a dark side and was part of this ring working with Medina.

All the steps taken by the duo were strategically thought out and elaborated by Tony.

They were both Republicans working at the college level. However, last year, as soon as Medina was arrested in Florida, Minnesota College Republicans made a point of cutting her off the student board.

Tony has always been a donor to the Republican Party and will still go to trial, while Medina will testify in the case.

What Are They Accused Of?

According to official prosecutors, the two acted together and arrived to entice six young minors into the murky world of sexual exploitation.

The internet is a vast world and propitious for wicked minds to set up their evils. Tony and Medina reportedly met on a website.

This site is ‘Seeking Arrangements.’ It is aimed at the male audience, who in exchange for money, seek sex with young women.

In May 2020, Tony and Medina convinced a young woman to go out with them. The victim went to Tony’s house, where he got her drunk and had sex with her, paying Medina a cut in exchange.

The arrangement continued and was profitable for her, as well as bringing him a steady supply of underage girls who he abused for money.

What Happens Next?

Tony and Medina have reportedly committed this time of crime on several occasions. It appears that Medina was an enthusiastic enabler. She got in touch with several girls on her social media and through her friends, university classmates, and so on.

She always said Tony was a handsome guy, older, and willing to afford the life of someone who sexually satisfied him….a typical sugar daddy, in other words.

In March 2021, the pair hit an obstacle after a 15-year-old wanted to report them to the police. In exchange for the silence, Tony gave a lot of money to get the girl to be quiet, getting Medina to pay her off.

Tony’s trial is about to take place in March next year. Medina, in addition to confessing, will testify against him in hopes of escaping heavier punishment.