New Rules Put Through In Response To January 6


January 6, 2021 is something that the Democrat Party focuses on at every single chance it gets. If you listened to the party leadership, you’d believe the United States is doing perfectly apart from what happened two years ago at the Capitol.

Thousands of people at a pro-Trump rally entered the US Capitol, some completely non-violent.

Yet, we are to believe that this was a case of Trump supporters staging a “coup.” Now, the Democrats have put through special laws to make sure it never happens again, as part of a massive pork bill.

What’s in the Bill?

The bill is actually just a redo of the Electoral Count Act; this has been done inside a massive spending bill for the end of 2022. According to Biden, this “bipartisan” bill is extremely important to make sure democracy is protected and the “people” have their voices heard.

This comes after the January 6 Committee, headed by Congressman Bennie Thompson and staffed by people like Congresswoman Liz Cheney, found Trump guilty of sedition and responsible for trying to overturn the 2020 election and encourage riots illegally.

The committee referred charges to the Department of Justice. Attorney General Merrick Garland said he hopes the DOJ pursues whatever charges are possible against Trump.

The original Electoral Count Act is very old and comes from 1887; it’s written in old and sometimes unclear languages.

The new changes make it crystal clear how election results must be accepted and put through and increase penalties for trying not to accept them.

All About Trump

This law is all about shutting down Trump and blocking any avenue for him or others like him to challenge election results again.

Trump reportedly tried to switch in new electors and pressure state officials to give him victories in states like Georgia where he believed he’d been robbed by vote fraud.

This new overhaul also gives the VP a role that’s completely symbolic, instead of actually ratifying the results, making it impossible for the VP to lead any kind of real challenge to a presidential election or the voice of electors.

It also makes it much more difficult for Congress members to disagree and challenge electoral results in any way.

The Bottom Line

Protecting election security and updating unclear old laws is most certainly a positive development to be embraced by people of all political beliefs.

The problem comes when you have two standards of justice and have a political crusade of the kind that’s going on. Trump is being blamed for the actions of a few of his supporters, while Biden’s supporters get a pass for anything they do.

Meanwhile, the entire law is being overhauled two years after January 6 when nothing of any kind happened after the summer of violence and incitement in 2020 following the death of George Floyd.

This kind of hypocrisy stinks to high heaven.