Savage Attacks Shows Danger of Extreme Gender Agenda


The LGBT agenda isn’t just a buzzword that some people who are prejudiced say.

It’s a real thing, as we’ve seen exposed at Disney and in major corporations. It’s also in the classroom, with woke teachers trying to force gender ideologies on students and change how they feel about what gender they are.

This has real-world impacts, including in the town of Edmond, Oklahoma, where an awful thing happened recently in the girls’ washroom.

What Happened?

Police were called when a trans individual went into the girls’ bathroom at Edmond High School and got into a fight. This student hasn’t been identified, but their name starts with A.

They are a teen boy who “identifies” as a girl and went into the girls’ washroom and attacked a young lady there. Police who responded saw she had scratch marks around her face and had been battered.

According to the victim, she’d just been chatting with friends when A came in and tried to speak with her. She didn’t want to and didn’t respond, which is when A came up to her and struck her viciously in the face.

The blow stunned the teen girl who said she was too hurt to fight back, which is when she was pushed down on the bathroom floor, hit repeatedly, and brutally assaulted.

Her friend who tried to stop A got hit hard in the face when she tried to intervene.

Charges Laid

A has now been charged in the attack, which actually took place back in October.

According to A, the beating was justified because of being criticized for their clothes. A’s parents say their teen trans son was actually the victim of “cyberbullying” and had been made fun of for identifying as female.

A doesn’t go to the school anymore and is charged with assault. As of now, Oklahoma doesn’t allow students to use the bathroom they “identify” with, since it was blocked via Bill 615, but Edmond High was clearly violating that law.

There are consequences for breaking the law, which the Oklahoma state legislature has determined as a school losing 5% of its state money for the entire year, following its breaking of the law.

Edmond gets more than $50 million dollars a year; so if they do end up getting punished as well, they’ll be losing out on $3 million per year, which they deserve.

They may not have respected the law before, but they’ll probably be paying a bit closer attention at this point after the unfortunate and violent incident occurred.

The Bottom Line

This case is another reminder that when you promote harmful ideas, they have real-world consequences. Girls and boys shouldn’t be in the same bathroom and the trans ideology is harming kids.