Joe Biden Took Part in Hunter’s Foreign Gambling Business While Serving as Vice President

( video snapshot of the anonymous whistleblower.)

Democrat President Joe “Multiple Crises” Biden participated in at least one of his “prodigal son” Hunter’s murky foreign business deals.

New reports show that he was mixed up in a Latin American gambling venture while serving as Vice President of the United States under Barack Obama.

The new evidence has been disclosed by an anonymous whistleblower.

Revelations about the Bidens Are Piling Up

The latest revelation about the Bidens, which could be the first to offer decisive evidence that Sleepy Joe was active in Hunter’s highly suspicious international dealings, comes after Biden has claimed for years that he has no knowledge whatsoever of his son’s business and financial affairs.

The new revelation also piles up on top of a number of leaks that have raised serious suspicions whether Hunter Biden, his uncle James “Jim” Biden, and, by implication, also Joe Biden have been involved in influence trading at America’s expense.

Even worse, it’s been in favor of foreign actors, including the nation’s top global enemies, Communist China and Putin’s Russia.

The Laptop From Hell

Other sources of shocking revelations about the Bidens include Hunter’s lost “laptop from hell,” financial documents obtained by the FBI and released lately by the offices of two GOP US Senators, and testimonies by Tony Bobulinski, a US Navy veteran and a former business partner of the First Son.

Besides offering various types of evidence about Hunter Biden’s foreign business transactions, the laptop materials have also exposed his addiction to prostitutes, drugs, and alcohol.

As Bobulinksi has claimed that Joe Biden has been the secret “big guy” behind his son’s operations, that allegation seems supported by a December 2018 voicemail message, presumably left by Sleepy Joe, found on an iPhone backup copy on the lost laptop.

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Joe ‘Silent Partner’ Biden Was ‘Active’ on the Call

The claim that Joe Biden was directly involved and certainly had knowledge of a company called Ocho, a gambling venture led by Hunter Biden in Latin America has come from a whistleblower whose identity has been revealed only to investigators from the US Senate, The Daily Mail reported.

According to the whistleblower, that occurred while Joe Biden was acting Vice President of the United States in the Obama administration, as he took part in a conference call on the matter in 2012.

Besides Hunter, 52 today, and the VP Joe Biden, the call featured three other individuals: 52-year-old Jeff Cooper, another of Hunter’s business partners; late Harry Reid, the former Democrat Majority Leader in the US Senate; and Reid’s son Key Reid, who was also among Hunter’s business partners.

The anonymous whistleblower informed that the call in the spring of 2012 was about the three business partners’ online gambling venture in Latin America.

Joe Biden seemed to have participated as a “silent partner” but was active on the call and was discussing the business information, according to the whistleblower who claims to have direct knowledge of the conversation.

“He wasn’t passive,” the whistleblower said of Joe Biden’s role, comparing him to a “member” of a “Board of Directors.”

The individual revealed that the then veep of Barack Obama asked questions about the venture’s revenue projections and company software.

Sleepy Joe even allegedly congratulated Jeff Cooper on managing to secure gambling licenses from the government of Peru.

Asked by The Mail to comment on the whistleblower’s allegations, the White House, Hunter Biden, and Key Reid did not respond.

Jeff Cooper did respond but called the claims a “complete fabrication” as he denied having had any conference calls about his businesses with Joe Biden or the late Harry Reid.