Hypocritical Green Activists Are Fighting Against Themselves


Environmentalists claim to care about helping our planet and reducing the negative impact of humans on the environment.

Leaders like Swedish teen Greta Thunberg say that if we don’t act now to stop climate change we’ll all die in the near future.

From America to Amsterdam and Africa to Indonesia, leftist environmentalists say that if we do what they say we will have a chance to build a better future.

Yet time and time again we see that leftists like climate czar John Kerry and the activist base itself are complete hypocrites who don’t seem to understand basic logic.

The latest example is especially disturbing.

Green Fanatics Oppose Environment-Saving Measure

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology is a way to trap carbon underground and stop it from making climate change worse. CCS works and is proven.

However leftists are increasingly rally against CCS saying it doesn’t address the root issue.

In other words, this technology lets oil and gas keep working and producing affordable energy for homes and industry and bury some carbon, so leftists don’t want to give it the greenlight and allow oil and gas to keep being a profitable industry.

Do you see how this works? You offer a very good, affordable short-term solution to lowering carbon emissions and the left opposes it for political reasons.

Does CCS make the oil and gas industry stronger? It certainly provides a short term solution to the danger of carbon output. But more importantly it allows cheaper energy to keep being made and help the American economy.

Apparently this is not a priority for self-righteous left-wing activists.

Why Do Leftist Activists Hate the Environment?

Groups like the Sierra Club lead the environmental movement and say that the UN and other groups are lying about CCS.

They say that carbon capture won’t be worth the time and construction to build carbon capture areas and facilities.

Instead, the Sierra Club wants wind power, turbines and solar panels to be ramped up and done to address the “climate crisis.”

Is there a reason that the harmful plastic in solar panels and environment-destroying effects of wind turbines don’t matter to leftists? Is there a reason the construction and cost of these are fine but CCS isn’t fine?

It looks a lot like the left is more concerned with hitting and punishing the oil and gas industry than they are with actually helping the environment.

The Bottom Line

If we want to truly help the environment, understand and fight climate change and take real steps to mitigate what’s happening, we need to look at facts.

And the facts are that at this time CCS is a good, if temporary, measure to lessen carbon emissions and keep oil and gas running smoothly.

It’s time to put emotions aside and vote in favor of logic.