Biden Set To Meet Ukrainian President Today in DC


As America struggles with inflation and ongoing political instability, President Joe Biden has another focus: Ukraine.

Biden seems to have no interest in protecting our southern border, but he’s very interested in protecting the border of Ukraine and being best friends with Ukraine’s leader, Volodymyr Zelensky.

The two will meet today in Congress where they will have a strong speech about “Western unity” and the need to defeat Russia in Ukraine. It coincides with another $1.6 trillion spending bill, which includes $2 billion for Ukraine as well as deadly Patriot missile systems.

Why Is Zelensky Coming?

As Ukraine fights a bloody war against Russia, Zelensky and his wife have found time to do a Vogue magazine photoshoot and give all sorts of speeches around the world.

It’s fair to say Zelensky has been focusing a lot of his attention on the public relations of the war while his countrymen fight and die and civilians experience blackouts, hunger, and cold.

While it’s true propaganda and public relations are a part of any war and Ukraine clearly needs all the international help it can against the larger Russian menace, it’s also bizarre to see Zelensky behaving like a celebrity when he’s supposed to be focused on war.

The war is already almost a year old. Ukraine has fought bravely in pushing back Russia, whose own troops complain they are cannon fodder used as bodies and killed with no mercy, including by their own side.

Though is this really the time to give big speeches and give away more money to Ukraine?

If the US is going to send troops to Ukraine that’s one thing, but if Biden is just going to engage in years of mission creep and get us into another Vietnam, we deserve to ask real questions and challenge that.

The Patriot Missile Puzzle Piece

Patriot missiles are now confirmed to be heading to Ukraine.

They require up to 100 troops each to operate a battery and these troops need training, but if Ukraine can get the right individuals operating these systems, they can do major damage to Russia’s air war.

As the best SAMs (Surface to Air Missile systems) that the Pentagon has, Patriots will help shoot down the hail of Russian drones which are wreaking havoc on Ukraine’s energy grid, military, and civilian population.

Whether they can also take down Russian jets is another issue, but there’s no doubt they will make a big difference.

Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, has previously said the US supplying Patriots will officially be considered the US joining the war against Russia. He said Russia will then strike Europe and NATO members if that happens.

The Bottom Line

Ukraine’s bravery and fight are remarkable and historic.

Biden’s intense focus on Ukraine and the depletion of America’s currency by putting so much into Ukraine is leading us closer to war with Russia and making inflation worse.