America MAKING MONEY Off Ukraine War?

Europe and America have been allies for at least a century now, but it’s not always an easy relationship.

Now the European Union (EU) is accusing the United States and the Biden-Harris regime of profiting off the Ukraine war.

Russia invaded Ukraine on Feb. 24 of this year and the war has taken hundreds of thousands of lives, with no end in sight.

Is it just a cash cow for Biden and his cronies? The EU says yes, and they’re “furious” with Biden and his team.

Here’s what’s happening…

What Are the Accusations?

According to the EU, the Biden-Harris regime is using Europe as a human shield while milking all the money it can out of the Ukraine war.

The specific accusations?

Putin is shutting off Russian energy to the EU and backing them into a corner. Their support for Ukraine is about survival, not profit.

Meanwhile, Biden is inflating the American currency and selling weapons and energy to Ukraine at the highest prices possible, partly via EU aid packages.

In other words, the accusation is that the US is piggybacking on US aid to Ukraine in order to make a buck and profit from the war, all while Europe suffers.

This is a pretty sick strategy if true.

Of course war is profitable for many countries. That’s just a fact. But the idea that the US would use the EU as a human shield while boosting its own exports is sick stuff indeed.

So, Is It True?

The US is basically drawing energy companies out of Europe in addition to exporting. Biden’s green socialism has so many subsidies that companies are leaving the EU and coming to America for a chunk of the $400 billion in green energy handouts Biden has approved.

Still, while the US sells over $19 billion in weapons to Ukraine, they’re profiting handsomely from the horrific situation in the fight against Russia.

The point? The Biden-Harris regime is draining out Europe’s energy industry, selling their weapons and gas at a profit and using the war to make money.

Many EU countries are not very impressed, and EU government transatlantic expert Tonino Picula has even called Biden’s policies “protectionist” and disloyal to “US allies.”

Why This Matters

We heard for years about the fake left wing conspiracy against Trump that he was in bed with Putin.

It turns out that Biden is actually helping Putin by dividing America from the EU.

To be sure, Biden’s not fully to blame here, but the idea that he would come into office and restore America’s relationships and alliances is total hogwash.

The Western world has never been more divided and the situation with energy and the war in Ukraine is truly out of control.