Why American Troops Remain in Syria


    America is considered one of the foremost countries in the world that fondly boasts of its fight against terrorism in all forms. While this is a clear-cut fact, what is unknown to many is why American troops are present in Syria. 

    Every nation of the world has many ways by which they exercise sovereignty. The presence of a country’s Armed Forces is one out of many ways nations around the world showcase their sovereignty.

    However, while we have the United States Armed Forces in America and the United Kingdom’s Armed Forces in England, it is unclear to many why there seems to be a prevalence of America’s forces in Syria. 

    What the American Army Has to Say About This

    Americans who dare to have a decent conversation with members of the Army about the reason for the U.S. Army’s presence in Syria would admit the reason is purely on the grounds of terrorism.

    This is because the United States believes Islamic states are the major orchestrators of terrorist attacks globally. In order to properly clamp down on the activities of ISIS, the American Army remains in Syria to checkmate their actions. 

    According to a report about the activities of ISIS in 2014, it was deduced the organization was both a legally accepted armed body and a terrorist group.

    In that year, news reports stated the amount of money the group raked in daily was to the tune of $1,000,000. Most of these funds were derivatives from black market sales, extortion activities, and collection of taxes.

    The biggest win for this terrorist organization was capturing the Iraqi city of Mosul, which came as a stunning surprise to the Iraqi army. 

    US Armed Forces Changed Terrorist Activities in Syria

    The reason for the presence of America’s forces in Syria is to exert the nation’s power as one of the Big Five world powers. As it stands today, because of the presence of American forces in Syria, ISIS has changed in form drastically.

    Many of the group’s fighters have been killed. As it stands today, Baghouz, a Syrian town, has been recaptured through the aid of the American forces and Arab militias. 

    In the words of the Inspector General of Counter-ISIS missions, the activities of ISIS as a vicious terrorist group have declined in the last few years.

    This is not to say the terrorist group no longer operates, but they have become disorganized, due to counter operations against their group. The government of Syria commended the influence of the United States Armed Forces in the fight against terrorism in their nation.

    Still, as it stands today, there are fears Biden might withdraw the troops from Syria, as he did with Afghanistan. 

    Suppose Biden were to withdraw the American forces from Syria today…would it be an acknowledgment of Syria’s sovereignty or a clear case of leaving a vulnerable child out in the cold?

    Only time will tell. 


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