White House Physician: Biden’s Mental Health is a National Security Matter


In an appearance this week, retired White House doctor Ronny Jackson, who served throughout the Obama and Trump administrations, criticized President Joe Biden on the issue of the president’s cognitive fitness for office.

National Security Risks

When OAN’s John Hines inquired about “national security ramifications,” Jackson said, “Certainly, look at what’s happening. If you have cognitive impairments in that position, it will be a national security risk.”

When Jackson talked about Biden’s psychological health for office last week, he said it was “hazardous.” He also said the president should get an “immediate” cognitive assessment.

Jackson’s statements last week come after Biden faced widespread criticism for a series of remarks he made in recent days on Russia’s involvement in Ukraine.

“Biden cannot identify his administration’s primary foreign policy objectives,” Jackson said this week.

“Every time he speaks, the White House intervenes to ‘correct’ what he said. He has no idea what is happening. His cognitive impairment is highly intense. Time to step down!”

“Is Joe Biden losing his marbles? He’s always made mistakes, but what we’re witnessing now is something entirely different, even worse,” Jackson added later. “He’s gone. This is perilous. He needs an immediate cognitive examination.”

Jackson, who currently represents Texas’ 13th Congressional District, reported to the White House Medical Unit (WHMU) in 2006. However, did not begin serving as the president’s physician until July 2013, a post he held until March 28, 2018.

Jackson was the director of WHMU from March 2010 until December 2014. Jackson also functioned as the president’s first main medical advisor from February to December 2019.

Handling of Conflicts

Jackson earlier questioned Biden’s mental fitness for office in light of the European conflict, declaring Biden was “not fit to be our president.”

“The entire country has been witnessing his mental and cognitive issues for over a year now. There is no doubt in the majority of people’s minds that something is wrong with him.”

“He is not cognitively as sharp as he used to be. He is unfit to be our president at the moment,” Jackson said during an interview. 

“He appears exhausted, frail, disoriented, and incoherent, which sends a message of weakness throughout the world, which they are latching onto.”

“He has 40 years of footage. You can go back and examine this individual, so it’s not as if we don’t have anything to match it to,” Jackson explained.

“You can see he always committed gaffes and blunders, but never on this scale. This is unique. These are not indiscretions. This is a far more severe matter.”

Jackson stated Biden’s mental unfitness for office “was on full show during the Afghanistan catastrophe.” Then he warned it has the potential to “kill more Americans” and “ultimately draw us into a war,” due to Biden’s lack of leadership.


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