United States’ Drug Overdose Toll Tilts Towards a Pandemic


    According to a recent statistic by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of fatalities resulting from a drug overdose in the United States witnessed a 30% surge from that of the previous year. 

    In the same vein, the National Center for Health Statistics stipulated the major cause of the hike in the overdose death toll is mainly opioid-related drugs. One of the dominant variants is the popular fentanyl.

    This is supposedly a hundred times stronger than the common morphine. As of April 2021, the number of death tolls caused by fentanyl has pegged a scary 64,000 casualties. 

    Biden’s response to this new development

    The current administration of President Biden has once again been scarred with the latest report of overdose deaths occurring in the United States. While weighing in on the CDC’s report, Biden calls it a sad milestone affecting the nation.

    He promised to do all within his power to ensure there is room for an affordable healthcare system for those who might be codependent on these killer drugs. 

    Also, experts have opined the rise in addiction rates is because of the COVID-19 pandemic and social isolation that stemmed from the lockdown. At the moment, Johns Hopkins Hospital stated the number of deaths caused by the coronavirus is no less than 766,000 cases. 

    The impact of drug overdose cases on the nation’s economy

    Medical associations have expressed drug overdose is one of the current leading causes of death in the United States after car crashes and gun-related deaths. They iterated further that the cycle of a drug overdose in America started in the 1990s when opioids were prescribed to patients.

    However, it metamorphosed in recent years to include the sale of synthetic opioids and heroin addiction. Currently, there are numerous variants of drugs abused because they are available to members of the American public, due to easy access to them like typical over-the-counter drugs.

    Fentanyl has been explained to be a high painkiller that is administered to cancer patients. However, because it is now easy to get these drugs on the streets of America, adventurous youth depend on them for stimulating purposes. 

    Although there are currently plans to alter the rising epidemic of overdose deaths, it is not certain if the numbers will decline in the coming months. While many drug addicts are open to therapy, there are many young Americans who still live in denial about the effect of the drug on their daily lives.

    Many Americans have begun to ask questions. While the administration of former President Donald Trump was successful in linking the COVID-19 pandemic with China, where did the overdose death toll emanate from?

    This is something on the minds of many Americans at this time.


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