Uncovering Joe Biden’s Bad Luck

As formerly noted, the signs have been quite apparent for Democrats going back quite a while now. President Biden’s support numbers are nearing rock bottom. Also, the Democrat-dominated Congress’ favorability numbers with voters are considerably worse.

Here’s clear proof: a Gallup poll published results this week that revealed a disastrous drop in Democrat backing of Congress, support that fell from 55% during September to just 33% in October. This means that was a 22% decrease among Democrat Party members supporting the Democratic-controlled Congress.

Simply put, if an incoming president fails to rile up his support base in advance of congressional elections, he is setting himself up for failure. That entails massive defeats in the House, and possibly even the Senate. 

With all of this in mind, polling companies, political analysts, and the like have been preoccupied, evaluating the newest tea leaves emerging from the heavily monitored Virginia governor’s election. 

The election has just witnessed Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin outpace Democrat candidate Terry McAuliffe. Youngkin is presently up 8 points with eligible voters.

Analysts Projecting Failure for the Democrats

NBC News columnist Benjy Sarlin is among those studying the latest statistics. He posted out some uncomfortable contrasts that ought to be very frightening for Democrats during this moment in Biden’s presidency.

When Scott Brown triumphed in Massachusetts, he stated Obama’s favorability rating was declining, but it was still near 50% in Gallup. Biden touching the low 40s creates a situation in which awful things start to happen in general. 

Benjy Sarlin went on to say as of July, there were numerous headlines regarding nonpartisan infrastructure, the economy, and, most notably, COVID decrease.

Biden is Not the Savior He Thinks

However, even Democrats are now discovering Biden is an ineffectual “ruler.” Despite all his assurances of unity, moderation, and getting the job done, Biden is genuinely inferior in uniting the competing factions, even within his party.

There’s also the issue of swing voters turning away from Biden, as his failures mount; this seems to be coming out in the Virginia gubernatorial race.

Of course, time will only tell, but if the economy isn’t buzzing along again as it did in the latter months of Trump’s administration, even in the middle of the coronavirus outbreak, nothing else matters.

Biden’s career will be done, and his party will suffer in all areas of government. Kitchen table concerns are more important to the American people than almost anything else. This is especially true now that Biden is increasing the cost of food, gasoline, and everything else.

In summation, unless Biden can get it together, Democrats will face a disaster in 2022. This comes thanks largely to Biden, a guy even his allies are beginning to recognize is not the savior he wanted Americans to believe he was.