Trump Ends Pence Alliance As He Plans 2024 Comeback


    Erstwhile President Donald Trump has ruled out selecting former Vice President Mike Pence as his vice-presidential candidate if he wins the Republican nomination in 2024.


    Post-2020 Election Tension

    The former president referenced post-2020 election tensions, implying their divisions are too great to bridge.

    Trump claimed the election was rigged. He asked Pence to reverse President Biden’s Electoral College win. Pence, overseeing the certification process as Senate president, declined, citing the Constitution.

    Trump insists otherwise. As proof his vice president could’ve tossed out electoral votes from numerous states and permitted a second term for Trump-Pence, he cited bipartisan negotiations on Capitol Hill to modify the Electoral Count Act.

    The former president hailed Pence as a “really good person,” but hinted at a rift.

    “Mike and I had a superb relationship, except for one paramount point. We had a great friendship,” Trump stated. “I haven’t spoken to him in a while.”

    It’s been almost a year since the Trump presidency gave way to the Biden administration, and the rivalry continues.

    Pence may run in 2024. He has made it clear he will not automatically step aside if Trump runs; he is working to distance himself from the previous president.

    Pence recently told a group of conservative attorneys that Trump is “wrong” to imply the vice president can overturn a presidential election. Also, in March, Pence addressed Republican fundraisers.

    “There is no space in our party for defenders of Putin,” he told party financiers assembled for a Republican National Committee fundraising retreat.

    Issues and Controversy

    Trump complimented Vladimir Putin’s geopolitical powers, but has evaded publicly bashing him. The former president told the Washington Examiner he was “surprised” Putin attacked Ukraine.

    Trump stated focusing on the 2024 and 2022 midterms would be a strategic error because Republican primary voters care principally about the 2020 election.

    Trump has frequently feuded with close allies, pretending to ex-communicate them from his innermost circle, only to re-invite them later.

    With Pence, everything is possible. After Trump chose the former Indiana governor and 12-year House member as his campaign mate in 2016, the two became fast friends.

    He granted Pence considerable political freedom and control over his administration’s objectives. In return, Trump received Pence’s undivided public allegiance.

    Despite repeatedly criticizing Pence during his interview on Tuesday, Trump showed some admiration for the vice president who supported him. Trump stated he liked Pence. Overall, Trump’s remarks were sharp and critical.

    The former president isn’t giving up on the 2020 election.

    In addition to Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, and maybe more states, the former president believes friendly state legislators would have handed him the Electoral College votes he needed to beat Biden.

    Trump was disappointed with Pence; one feature that should never be called into question is loyalty.


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