Trump: China Will Definitely Seize Taiwan with Biden in Power


    Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, former President Trump cautioned in an interview on Tuesday that China was on its way to seizing control of Taiwan.

    Never with Donald Trump

    President Trump responded to the latest news of Russia sending troops into separatist regions of Ukraine, which Russian President Vladimir Putin declared as “independent” on Monday. 

    The NATO alliance responded to the latest Russian provocations by announcing it deployed more than 100 warplanes on high alert; other forces have been activated to protect member states from Russian aggression.

    Trump stated emphatically that such an invasion never would have happened under his watch. The former president then went on to describe the way that Putin went about going after Ukraine as “shrewd.” 

    Later, Trump said the entire situation is sad and Biden couldn’t even be bothered to respond to what Putin was doing as it pertains to Ukraine.

    China is Next

    Later, Trump said, “I believe Putin recognizes the opportunity. I was well aware that he had a strong desire to go to Ukraine. I used to bring it up with him. ‘You’re not going to be able to pull it off,’ I’d say.”

    “This is something you are not planning on doing.’ However, I could tell he was interested in getting it. I used to approach him and ask him. We used to chat about it for hours on end. In terms of the debates we’ve had this morning, I believe no one knows him better than I do.”

    “As a result, I was somewhat acquainted with him. I got to know him a little bit better than I anticipated. The president of the People’s Republic of China became acquainted with me. The country of China is the next in line, just so you’re aware.” 

    “Do you believe they’re going to go after Taiwan?” asked Clay Travis, one of the show’s co-hosts, who posed the question.

    Donald Trump responded with, “Oh, without a doubt. They wouldn’t have done that with me.” The president said, “Oh, yes,” when asked if China could try to undermine Biden.

    According to Trump, “they’re waiting until after the Olympics.”

    “Now that the Olympics are over, have a look at your stopwatch. In fact, he desires it in the same manner. I think you have two people that desire Taiwan equally as strongly, which is almost like having twin sisters right here. “

    “Who wants it more,’ someone inquired. I’m inclined to believe the same. The answer is no because neither Vladimir Putin nor Xi would have taken such a drastic step. North Korea has also been silent for the past four years.”

    Will China make the move against Taiwan soon? We have to wait and see what is going to happen.


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