TOP CONSERVATIVE Ready to Lead a Revival


Firebrand Republican US Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (MTG) of Georgia has set out to see through several major congressional investigations as part of a conservative revival once the new US Congress convenes in January.

MTG to Bet Big on Key Investigations in Committees

In the 2022 midterms earlier this month, Greene was elected for a second term in the US House of Representatives in her 14th Congressional District in Georgia.

She defeated her Democrat challenger, Marcus Flowers, by a 32-point margin, with 66% of the votes vs. 34% for Flowers.

As the GOP has retaken the US House of Representatives and MTG is about to start her second term, she has made clear she would seek to pursue four critically important investigations, The Atlanta Constitution-Journal revealed in a report.

The Republican investigations favored by Greene would seek to reveal the truth about the revelations about Joe Biden and his family based on the shocking materials out of Hunter Biden’s lost laptop; the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic; accountability into America’s aid to Ukraine which has been invaded by Putin’s Russia; and, last but not least, Kabul Joe’s humiliating withdrawal and loss of the war in Afghanistan.

The report pointed out that several key factors are enhancing MTG’s chances to “make it happen” – including her alliance with the most likely new Speaker of the House, current House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, her position as likely member of at least two House committees, and the fact that every vote will count in the GOP’s slim House majority.

Greene has been “an outspoken ally” of McCarthy even as close to three dozen Republican House members, mostly from the House Freedom Caucus, have opposed his candidacy.

Earlier this week, McCarthy won a secret ballot to become the next House Speaker with 175 votes, while 31 Republicans voted for Rep. Andy Biggs from Arizona.

According to the report, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene “expects” to get “rewarded for her loyalty” by becoming a member of the powerful Oversight and Reform Committee.

Current GOP members of the committee announced on Thursday that they were launching an investigation into any potential “shady business schemes” that may involve Democrat President Joe Biden and/or member of his family.


GOP Has to ‘Have the Gavel’

The report stressed that MTG’s second term in Washington, DC, would be “very different” from the one she is just completing because the Republican Party will be in control.

Earlier in her first term, the Georgia Republican was stripped of her committee assignments by the Democrats before she could attend even a single a meeting.

In the new US Congress, Greene will be part of at least two committees, and the slim GOP majority means that every single Republican member’s vote could be decisive.

She may join the House Agriculture Committee which would empower her to bring resources to her home state through the federal farm bill.

In order to focus the GOP on Sleepy Joe and his administration, MTG insisted that the Republicans should unite behind Kevin McCarthy as leader and Speaker candidate so as to prevent the Democrats from “peeling off” some of their votes.

The Georgia US legislator insisted that the GOP has “to have the gavel” because it “means subpoena power,” which would be critical to the Republican causes over the next couple of years.