Top Biden Official Angrily Defends Trans Youth Rights 


The administration of President Joe “Multiple Gaffes” Biden has taken its transgenderism promotion hysteria to the next level.

Its male “female” four-star admiral, Dr. Rachel Levine, delivered a nauseating rant on how doctors should be “standing up” for “trans youth.”

Biden’s Admiral Tells Aggressive Propaganda Lies

Since Levine’s appointment last year, Levine has become increasingly involved in the promotion of transgenderism among American youth.

This is seemingly part of the radical left’s quest to shatter American families as one of the last major bulwarks to the establishment of far-left totalitarianism.

New Rant from Levine

In a new video rant, which was discovered online by Megan Brock, a parental rights advocate, Levine insists doctors should be promoting transgenderism because that would mean standing up for “the truth.”

Biden’s four-star male “female” admiral also claimed those who oppose transgenderism are politically motivated and even “politically perverted.”

In a typical communist approach to confusing and subjugating “the masses,” Levine argued exactly the opposite of reality. The male “female” admiral stated doctors opposing transgenderism “destroy human lives” – even though there is countless evidence it is the other way around.

According to Levine, however, medicine and doctors have arrived at a “tipping point” in their role for the “well-being of LGBTQI+ youth,” as well as “other Americans.”

The assistant secretary of health then emphasized the people who “attack” the transgender community were “driven” by a political agenda; their concern is unrelated to medicine and science.

Levine went so far as to accuse those opposing transgenderism as people “simply rejecting basic human compassion.” “We have to stand up,” Levine said, claiming that was what people “do in medicine,” regardless of difficult it is.


‘Sterilized for Life,’ Thanks to Transgenderism

Against that backdrop, in the video, the male “female” admiral alleged her community loves “our nation.”

Parental rights advocate Megan Brock also dug up a set of 2017 emails that Levine, then as Pennsylvania’s physician general, exchanged with Nadia Dowshen, head of a “gender and sexuality” clinic at the Philadelphia Children’s hospital.

Brock recently exposed a scandalous 2017 email exchange between then-physician general for the state of Pennsylvania Levine and Nadia Dowshen.

Dowshen was the co-founder and co-director of the Gender and Sexuality Development Clinic at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, which showed a lack of scientific evidence to justify gender-change surgeries for minors.

The Blaze TV host Sara Gonzales blasted Levine by noting that Biden’s official was saying what “is not true, is true.”

Chris Elston, a child advocate, slammed the four-star admiral for trying to declare children transgender based on nothing or on normal behavior.

Elston stressed that boys given puberty blockers at stage two, the start of puberty, never achieve sexual pleasure as adults, while children who begin with blockers and then go on cross-sex hormones become “sterilized for life.”