The White House is Getting Ready to Give Up on COVID

A new report says the White House is about to give up on COVID. There is much debate about what surrender means in this case.

Although the Biden administration is building the framework for coping with coronavirus, it will take time for this to become a reality. When Biden ran for president in 2020, he said he would “shut down the virus.”

This is in stark contrast to what he is doing now.

Vaccination Tales Don’t Cut It Anymore

So, is the government giving in to the viral disease itself?

This cannot be said, since there has never been a reality in which they would have eliminated a plainly endemic virus in the first place. Victory against COVID has always looked like creating medicine that lets humans live with it.

As a result, given the diminishing efficacy of vaccinations, as well as the fact that vaccines cannot prevent infection, they are now considered to be a sort of therapy, at this point.

This administration has surrendered to the idea COVID will disappear as soon as everyone is immunized. However, it is common knowledge that vaccinated folks are at risk of contracting coronavirus, as well as spreading it. 

As a result, the White House can’t keep telling people their lies about vaccines any longer. ‘If you get a vaccine, you won’t get COVID’ is false.

People have lost track of how many times Biden has said this in the past. That propaganda piece is no longer true, and for the record, this was never true at all.

Campaign Pledges

When this is all said and done, there’s also the political part of it. For the whole of 2020, Biden said his plan to beat COVID would work. To stop the virus from spreading, he would shut it down. 

Biden said he was also going to lead the United States into a time of prosperity and peace. Biden became president almost entirely because he made those pledges to a group of people who thought he was a good person.

He has broken those promises. Now, the president has to admit his naysayers were right.

For about two years now, people who said the government should stop locking people up and fantasizing about destroying COVID were right. COVID is not going away. 

In this case, they were right to say the government should focus on treating people, not just giving them vaccines. Many people who were too preoccupied with accusing other people of “killing grandma,” rather than thinking logically, were wrong.

All of the people who said Biden would do something simple to stop COVID were wrong. To put it another way, this whole administration is a scam.

They said they’d bring heaven, but they brought hell. You can anticipate them trying to blame someone else again, but no one should overlook how badly they performed here.